Life Issues / Family Ethics Political Action Committee of Southwest Washington

Ed Orcutt (R) *

2006 State Representative Candidate - 18th (2)

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Legislative Record

HB 1515 Expanding the jurisdiction of the human rights commission to include protection of homosexuality.  Candidate voted against this bill.
EHB 1268 Promoting embryonic stem cell research.  Candidate voted against this bill.
ESHB 1178 Requiring contraception information in sex education courses.  Candidate voted against this bill.
HB 1433 Establishing parental notification requirements for abortion.  Candidate sponsored this bill.
HB 1562 Prohibiting partial birth abortions.  Candidate sponsored this bill.
HJR 4207 Protecting the name of marriage, protecting the legal incidents of marriage and limiting court jurisdiction over marriage.  Candidate sponsored this bill.