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2016 Human Life PAC
General Election Endorsements

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September 6, 2016    Contact:  Gerri <>



Vote Tuesday, November 8, 2016


Human Life Political Action Committee has surveyed candidates for the U. S. House, Senate, and the State Legislature. 

More endorsements may be made as surveys are returned.


We urge citizens to review all candidates listed below.  Some candidates have a complete pro-life position and have received the Human Life PAC endorsement. Other candidates responding to the survey are in substantial or partial agreement with Human Life PAC's pro-life positions, and they deserve your consideration. 


Human Life PAC endorses pro-life incumbents in races where the incumbent faces a pro-life challenger.

When a previously endorsed candidate and current office holder runs for a higher/different office, that candidate receives the endorsement. 


“The care of all human life and happiness, and not their destruction is the first and only legitimate object of good government,” Thomas Jefferson.  The Declaration of Independence affirms that Life is first necessary before liberty or the pursuit of happiness can exist. Talk of human rights is but a charade, if it is only for the “chosen” of the human family.   


Based on qualifying criteria, Human Life PAC has endorsed candidates who assent to the truth that all human beings are valuable – the woman, her preborn child, those with disabilities, the elderly and the terminally ill.  


Endorsed candidates are indicated by YES in the Endorsed column.  

Candidates who are in substantial or partial agreement are included in this list.


CODE:   D = Democrat; R = Republican




            Chris Vance       R     Partial Agreement




                                    District            Endorsed                    Candidate                  Party


                                    3                      YES                     Jaime Herrera-Beutler          R


                                    4          Joint Endorsement                   Clint Didier                  R


                                    4          Joint Endorsement                   Dan Newhouse                        R


                                    5                      YES                      Cathy McMorris-Rodgers    R



National Right to Life PAC has endorsed the following US House of Representatives Candidates


3          Jaime Herrera-Beutler                      R

4          Dan Newhouse                                    R

5          Cathy McMorrris Rodgers    R

8          Dave Reichert                         R




Marty McClendon             R       Endorsed




                                                                Mark Miloscia               R       Endorsed




                                      Josh  Kerns                    R       Endorsed




                           District   Position       Endorsed        Candidate               Party


                           2          Pos. 1               YES                 Andrew Barkis             R


                           2          Pos. 2               YES                  J.T. Wilcox                 R


                           3           Pos. 2              YES                 Laura Carder                R


                           4           Senate             YES                 Mike Padden                R


                           4           Pos. 2              YES                 Bob McCaslin              R


                           4           Pos. 1               YES                Matt Shea                     R


                           5           Pos. 1              YES                 Jay Rodne                    R


                           6                      Pos. 1               YES                 Mike Volz                    R


                           6           Pos. 2       Substantial Agreement    Jeff Holy             R


                           7           Pos. 1              YES                 Shelly Short                 R


                           8           Pos. 1              YES                 Brad Klippert               R


                           8           Pos. 2              YES                 Larry Haler                  R


                           9          Pos. 1               YES                 Mary Dye                    R


                           10                    Senate              YES                 Barbara Bailey             R


                           10         Pos. 2              YES                 Dave Hayes                 R


                           11         Pos. 1             YES                 Erin Smith-Aboudara   R


                           12         Senate       Joint Endorsement          Brad Hawkins                  R

                                    12          Senate       Joint Endorsement         Jon Wyss                     R


                           12         Pos. 1              YES                 Cary Condotta                         R


                           12         Pos. 2              YES                 Jerry Paine                   R


                           13         Pos. 2         Partial Agreement    Matt Manweller        R


                           13          Pos. 1             YES                 Tom Dent                    R


                           14          Pos. 2   Substantial Agreement   Amanda Richards        R


                           15        Pos. 1               YES                 Bruce Chandler                        R         


                           15         Pos. 2              YES                 David Taylor               R


                           17         Pos. 1     Substantial Agreement     Vicki Kraft                            R


                           17        Pos. 2               YES                 Paul Harris                   R


                           18         Senate             YES                 Ann Rivers                  R


                           18        Pos. 2               YES                 Liz Pike                       R


                           19         Pos. 1              YES                 Jim Walsh                    R


                           20         Pos. 2              YES                 Ed Orcutt                                 R


                           23         Pos. 1      Substantial Agreement  Loretta Byrnes            R


                           24         Senate             YES                 Danille Turissini          R


                           24         Pos. 2              YES                 John Alger                   R


                           25         Pos. 2              YES                 Joyce McDonald          R


                           26         Pos. 1              YES                 Jesse Young                 R


                           28        Senate              YES                 Steve O’Ban                R


                           28         Pos. 1              YES                 Dick Muri                    R


                           28         Pos. 2              YES                 Paul Wagemann           R


                           30        Pos. 1               YES                 Linda Kochmar            R


                           31        Pos. 2               YES                 Phil Fortunato              R


                           33       Pos. 1               YES                 John Potter                   R


                           35        Pos. 1               YES                 Dan Griffey                 R


                           35       Pos. 2               YES                 Drew MacEwen           R


                           39        Pos. 1               YES                 Dan Kristiansen                       R


                           39       Pos. 2               YES                 John Koster                 R


                           42                    Pos. 1               YES                 Luanne VanWerven     R


                           42                    Pos. 2               YES                 Vincent Buys               R


                           47       Pos. 1               YES                 Mark Hargrove                        R


                           47       Pos. 2     Substantial Agreement  Barry Knowles             R


                           49       Senate    Substantial Agreement   Lewis Gerhardt            R