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Faith based institutions would have been required to hire those who don't hold to the tenets of the faith

LifePac Editorial, October 2004

HB 1809 proposed in 2003 and 2004, would have expanded Washington's
discrimination clause to include sexual orientation, and include all
workplaces. Under HB 1809, churches, synagogues, religious prechools, and
private schools that do not believe that homosexual or other sexual
practices are consistent with their faith could be forced by the State to
hire those who disagree with their beliefs. In addition, faith-based
employers could be subject to lawsuits if an individual with sexual
orientation differing from the tenets of their faith were terminated. In the
past, exemptions were made for religious institutions.
House Vote 59 for 39 against 2003 and 2004. It did not pass the Senate.
State Representative Jim Moeller (49th) was a sponsor of the bill and voted
for it.
Representatives Deb Wallace (17th) and
Bill Fromhold (49th) also voted for it (HB 1809 Roll Call Votes).

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