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Candidate is pro abortion, so hold you nose and vote.

Mike McGavick (R)

2006 US Senate Candidate

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Has Mixed Positions

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From Human Life Of Washington

Mike McGavick (In agreement with HLPAC on parental notification, ban on partial birth abortion, ban on taxpayer funding of abortion and ban on human cloning.) (Not in agreement with Human Life PAC on embryonic stem cell research and does not support an outright federal ban on abortion.)

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Cantwell vs. McGavick: How they stack up


Some of the factors shaping the Sen. Maria Cantwell-Mike McGavick race:


McGavick says he supports a woman's right to an abortion. But unlike Cantwell, he would require parental consent for underage females and ban so-called "partial-birth" abortions, and he opposes federal funding of abortions.

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The Seattle Times


Mike McGavick's worth a look

Sunday, November 6, 2005

WASHINGTON state has not chosen a Republican senator for more than 10 years, but next year it might. We are not sure whether Mike McGavick will get our support, only that he holds out the potential.

As CEO of Safeco Insurance, he has been decisive and successful. He has the best political education of any businessman-candidate we can recall: He was Sen. Slade Gorton's chief of staff. Already, he begins to stake out positions independent of the White House and national Republican Party line, which in this state is essential. McGavick says he will build his campaign on three ideas: free enterprise, strength abroad and protecting the family. These are three boxes now mostly empty. Each will have to be filled with ideas.

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From Naral Pro Choice Washington

Where Does Mike McGavick Stand on Choice?
February 27, 2006

SEATTLE - Mike McGavick apparently recognizes that anti-choice candidates cannot win statewide office in our state. Unfortunately, McGavick is not actually a pro-choice candidate; instead he is a candidate who wants to have it both ways on reproductive rights. In President Bush, American women face one of the most anti-choice presidents in recent history. In addition, the President and anti-choice leaders in Congress have two new allies on the Supreme Court. They do not need the support of Mike McGavick in the Senate as well.

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