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James Moeller (D) *

2006 State Representative Candidate - 49th (2)

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Gay Marriage: Moeller vows to keep issue alive in Legislature
Thursday, July 27, 2006
By KATHIE DURBIN , Columbian staff writer

State Rep. Jim Moeller promised Wednesday that he will introduce legislation next year guaranteeing full marriage equality for gays and lesbians, though he conceded that achieving the goal may take years.

"It was close but no cigar," the Vancouver Democrat said at a morning news conference, responding to the state Supreme Court's 5-4 decision Wednesday upholding a six-year-old state ban on same-sex marriage.

Moeller, one of four openly gay men in the state House of Representatives, said he was "deeply disappointed that a small majority of the state Supreme Court had decided to uphold intolerant DOMA," a reference to the state's 1998 Defense of Marriage Act.

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17th District
House Position 1:  James Moeller (D)

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A win for gay rights--Rep. Moeller: 'I could just kiss the Senate!'
Jan 28, 2006
By KATHIE DURBIN , Columbian staff writer

OLYMPIA -- Rep. Jim Moeller, one of four openly gay members of the state House, tried to express his feelings after the gay rights bill passed the Senate 25-23 Friday and was reaffirmed by the House.

"Last spring I said there would be another spring and another vote," the Vancouver Democrat said. "It's not even spring yet. I could just kiss the Senate!"

Moeller said he appreciated the respectful tone of this year's debate in both chambers. It hasn't always been that way, he said. "I think the reason it is respectful now is because there are gay and lesbian people in this Legislature. It's hard to speak disrespectfully to someone you just broke bread with."

His voice cracking with emotion, Moeller said, "It's not every day in political life when you have an opportunity to vote on the things that make America great, such as the idea that everyone deserves respect and equal treatment under the law."

Asked how passage of the legislation will affect gays in their everyday lives, Moeller said those changes might be very small. "But I hope for me and for other gays and lesbians, we'll walk a little taller, hold our heads up a little higher, because this body, this state, has said that we are equal members of society."

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Legislative Record

HB 1515 Expanding the jurisdiction of the human rights commission to include protection of homosexuality.  Candidate sponsored and voted for this bill.
EHB 1268 Promoting embryonic stem cell research.  Candidate sponsored and voted for this bill.
ESHB 1178 Requiring contraception information in sex education courses.  Candidate sponsored and voted for this bill.