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2011 Mayoral / City Council Survey

Candidates: Copy and paste the survey questions below into your word processor, type your answers and send to, or print and send to LIFE PAC, PO Box PO Box 871103, Vancouver, WA 98687-1103.  Alternatively, you can freely compose your own statement for posting using some of the survey's themes.  Responses will be authenticated before use.

Do municipal governments have a responsibility to advance a consistent ethic regarding the respect of human life?  A consistent ethic of life focuses first on abortion, but also on issues such as end of life care, poverty, crime, capital punishment, war, racism, nuclear arms and exploitation.  While these are nationally debated issues, they have street level manifestations that municipalities can address.  A consistent ethic of life recognizes that each and every human being is unique and important, that no person is defined by someone else's choices, and that no one exists solely as a means to someone else's happiness.  The choices we make, as individuals and as a society, must be weighed in light of their impact on human life and dignity.   Do municipal governments have a responsibility to implement public policies and facilitate community action that further a consistent respect of all human life?

2. Currently, attempts are being made by pro abortion advocates to pass legislation in several states targeting pro-life pregnancy centers, even though such centers provide those states with valuable community services. In Washington State HB 1366 and SB 5274 require: 1. The listing of non-provided services both orally and in writing.  This sets a dangerous precedent allowing any organization with political clout to saddle its competitors with burdensome requirements of saying or listing what they do not do.  In January of this year, a federal judge ruled in Maryland on a similar law that "the Ordinance violates the Freedom of Speech Clause of Article I of the Constitution of the United States" (pg. 2) and has a "lack of viewpoint neutrality ... a particularly offensive form of content-based discrimination" (pg. 20).  2. These bills allow any Planned Parenthood employee, private citizen, or government entity to bring petitions for injunctions even if they are repeatedly thrown out of court.   A local pregnancy center, surviving on donations, cannot defend itself in Superior Court pro se (without representation) and cannot afford to pay a lawyer to defend them even once, yet alone multiple times.  3.  These bills do not regulate conduct, but instead are directed only at the speech of pregnancy centers (, 2011).   Do you oppose bills such as HB 1366 and SB 5274 that attempt to burden pro-life pregnancy centers? 

3. In the US Supreme Court ruling United States v. American Library Association, Inc, 2003, which upheld the use of library internet pornography filters, Chief Justice Rehnquist stated for the plurality that "to fulfill their traditional missions, public libraries must have broad discretion to decide what material to provide to their patrons.  Although they seek to provide a wide array of information, their goal has never been to provide 'universal coverage,'" and "most libraries already exclude pornography from their print collections because they deem it inappropriate for inclusion."   In 2010, the Washington State Supreme Court ruled that public libraries' use of internet filters does not violate the state constitution. Will you as a city council person appoint, recommend or request (depending on your level of authority) only library board candidates who oppose the inclusion of pornography in public libraries, whether by internet or as printed materials?

4. The U.S. Supreme Court in Young v. American Mini Theaters, Inc., (1976) and Renton v. Playtime Theater, Inc., (1986), concluded that municipalities have "substantial governmental interests" in protecting and preserving the quality of life for its community against the adverse secondary effects of sexually oriented businesses while allowing for "reasonable alternative avenues of communication."  Land Use Studies from cities around the United States were cited in both U.S. Supreme Court cases documenting the harmful secondary effects including 1. Increased Crime - rape, sexual assault, prostitution and illegal drug sales; 2. Decreased Property Values - both residential and commercial; and 3. Urban Blight - people and businesses fleeing the community.  Will you diligently seek and maintain zoning ordinances, licensing procedures, permit requirements and operational regulations which serve to minimize the adverse secondary effects of Sexually Oriented Businesses? 


5. Do you believe that it is scientifically accurate to say that human life begins at conception?

         If not at conception, when?  ___  3 mths  ___  6 mths  ___ 9 mths  ___  1 yr  ___ 18 yrs?

6. The 14th Amendment states "nor shall any state deprive any person of life, liberty or property without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws." The Supreme Court in Roe v. Wade, 1973, stated that "if this suggestion of personhood is established, the appellant's case, of course, collapses, for the fetus' right to life would then be guaranteed specifically by the [14th] Amendment."  The Court regrettably concluded though that "we need not resolve the difficult question of when life begins. When those trained in the respective disciplines of medicine, philosophy, and theology are unable to arrive at any consensus, the judiciary, at this point in the development of man's knowledge, is not in a position to speculate as to the answer."   Do you believe that life begins at conception and that the State has a compelling interest in protecting that life?

Is taking the life of a pre-born child through abortion ever permissible?  Check all that apply:

_____ No, it's never permissible

_____ Yes, to save mother's life

_____ Yes, in cases of rape or incest

_____ Yes, for physical deformity

_____  Yes, for genetic predispositions

_____  Yes, for gender

_____  Yes, for race

_____   Yes, for economic hardship

_____  Yes, to punish spouse

_____  Yes, it's always permissible


8. Do you support parental notification and/or consent before a minor (under 18 years of age) could have an abortion? A judicial bypass of parents would be allowed when necessary.



. Should your city partner in any way with the nation's biggest abortion provider, Planned Parenthood, who received $363.3 million dollars in governmental grants and contracts in 2009 and aborted 332,278 babies?  Planned Parenthood was also found by the State of Washington in 2010 to have overbilled the state and was required to repay $345,000Should Planned Parenthood be contracted with to make community presentations, provide literature, birth control chemicals or devises, and/or abortion services?

10. The recently approved casino off I-5 near Ridgefield would be one of the largest in the nation.  What is your position on the building of this casino?


"Religious communities are the largest and best-organized civil institutions in the world, claiming the allegiance of billions across race, class, and national divides. These communities have particular cultural understandings, infrastructures, and resources to get help where it is needed most" (World Conference of Religions for Peace).  Southwest Washington has a broad range of religious communities that contribute substantially to the welfare of families, children, seniors, the homeless, sick, and refugees.  They are a highly valued part of our community which respects and defends human life at every stage.  Are you an active member in a church, synagogue, temple, mosque or other religious assembly?

If so, you may state here where at:

12. The White House's Office of Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships ensures that religious and other community organizations are able to compete on an equal footing for participation in Federal programs without impairing the character of such organizations and without diminishing the religious freedom of those served.  Does the collaboration of government with faith-based charitable works lawfully ensure fair treatment of religious organizations, and is it good for our communities?

13. Please state your professional experience, community involvement, education and other qualifications for a mayoral or city council position.

14. May LIFE PAC post your returned survey on our website?  Surveys are posted only with your permission.

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