Life Issues / Family Ethics Political Action Committee of Southwest Washington

2021 Judicial Questionnaire

Candidates: Copy and paste the survey questions below into your word processor, type your answers and send to You can include all of the questions or choose from among them, or you can compose your own statement using some of the survey's themes. You can also email us for a phone or in person interview, from which LifePac can write an interview report for posting.  Survey responses will be authenticated before use.  Please use your Election Department registered email account for correspondence.


What role do you believe a judge plays in our society and government? 


Which current or recent state Supreme Court Justices best reflect your judicial philosophy?  Please explain why. 


If you are currently a judge, which of your recent written opinions best reflects your values and skills as a judge?  


If you are not currently a judge, which brief or other written work youšve produced best reflects your judicial philosophy and legal skills?


Please state your qualifications for judicial office such as your professional, educational, family and community accomplishments.


 Do you have a campaign website?  What is the address?


May LifePac post your returned survey on its website?  We will not post it without your permission.