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LifePac Survey Question: The theory called Social Equity isn't so much about a charitable welfare tool, one to help groups of people with targeted characteristics, such as persistent poverty, low educational achievement and poor health to improve their circumstances.  Welfare generally confers equity in some form, often financial.  Rather, social equity as developed in the 1960's demands reparations for past injustices, be it the slave history of Black Americans or some other oppressed group, using equal outcomes as a measure for success.  In an educational setting, this can result in the needs of academically high achieving students not being served, where "the achievement gap" is narrowed by the removal of advanced educational opportunities or "tracks."  Social equity uses Marxist inspired Critical Race Theory as a justification (Camas example), with its promotion of oppressor and oppressed classes, guilt and jealousy, and invoking social justice arguments to address supposed systemic racism. 

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