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The Camas City Council voted Monday, October 26, 2015, to make the current moratorium on marijuana sales permanent.  Vote count was 5/2, with Anderson, Chaney, Hazen, Carter and Hogan voting to prohibit sales, while councilors Turk and Smith voted against the motion.  Both Turk and Smith said in council discussion before the vote that they were for the sale of marijuana in the city of Camas.  Remember that when you get your chance to vote.  Meeting Minutes  Video

Public testimony went for 2+ hours, three quarters of which was for banning marijuana sales.  The speakers included Planning Commission member Tim Hein, who was absent when the Commission recommended approving marijuana sales.  He said he would have opposed the motion and asked council for the ban.  Those speaking for marijuana sales were mostly interested in providing such a business.  

Historical Timeline

Camas City Council implemented a temporary moratorium in 2014 with a sunset date of November 30, 2015.  If council did nothing, then marijuana retail sales would become legal in any Camas commercial district on Dec. 1st.  

On Tuesday, Sept 15th, 2015, the Commission voted 3 to 2 to recommend marijuana sales in Camas.  Commissioners Lloyd Goodlett, Troy Hull, Jim Short voted for, and Chair Bryan Beel and Jaima Johnson against. Commissioners Frank Hood and Timothy Hein were absent.

A public hearing before the city council was held on Monday, October 26th, 2015.  After testimony, the council had discussion and then voted 5/2 to ban permanently marijuana sales in the city.  Meeting minutes here.

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Camas City Council Meeting Minutes/Agendas

City Council Public Hearing, May 19, 2014:  Lots of testimony, starts at minute 17.

5/20/14 Post Record report on the public hearing above.

Columbian 10/21/15

Post Record: Camas eyes retail marijuana ban — with a sunset clause 8/19/14 

Post Record 4/10/14