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June 2021

Gallup Poll: 52% of Americans Want All or Most Abortions Made Illegal

Gallup has released new National polling data on the issue of abortion and the results show continued pro-life sentiment across the Untied States as a majority of people say they oppose all or most abortions as Americans have said for years.
Typically the Gallup poll has found in majority of Americans oppose all or most abortions even though some Americans who technically take a pro-life position opposing abortion wrongly think they are supposedly pro-choice.
In the past, the Gallup survey has found for many years that roughly half or just over half of Americans oppose all or almost all abortions. The newest polling data is no different.
Gallup found 52% of Americans take a pro-life position on abortion wanting all (19%) or almost all 33% abortions made illegal. That’s a decline of 3% from its 2020 poll.

Jul 2019

New Gallup Poll Shows More Americans Say They’re Pro-Life Than Pro-Abortion, Michael New, PH.D. JUL 2, 2019

Last week, Gallup released its annual public-opinion poll on abortion policy, and its results contain some good news for abortion opponents. According to the survey, a plurality of Americans now identify as pro-life, with 49 percent of respondents calling themselves “pro-life,” and 46 percent calling themselves “pro-choice.” This is the first Gallup poll since 2013 in which a higher percentage of respondents identified as “pro-life” rather than “pro-choice.” The new survey also found that the percentage of Americans who think abortion should either be “illegal in all circumstances” or “legal in only a few circumstances” increased from 53 to 60 percent between 2018 and 2019. A Gallup poll conducted in May, meanwhile, found that the percentage of Americans who consider abortion immoral reached 50 percent for the first time since 2012.

MAY 29, 2015
Gallup Poll Spin Article: Americans Choose "Pro-Choice" for First Time in Seven Years

Article focus' on self labels, but table below shows accurately the people's position:

Gallup Poll: 58% of Americans Oppose All or Most Abortions

by Steven Ertelt | | 5/10/13 10:27 AM

With the murder trial of abortion practitioner Kermit Gosnell in full swing, a new Gallup poll of Americans nationwide find well over half oppose all or virtually all abortions.

Gallup’s annual Values and Beliefs poll, conducted May 2-7, find 58 percent of Americans want either all or almost all abortions illegal — with 20% saying it should be illegal in all circumstances and 38% favoring it in only in a few circumstances.

Just 39 percent of Americans support all or most abortions remaining legal, with only 26% of Americans favoring legalized abortion under any circumstances (the position of Planned Parenthood and President Barack Obama) and 13% favoring legality under most circumstances.

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New National Poll: 53% of Americans Oppose 99% of All Abortions

by Steven Ertelt | Washington, DC | | 4/8/13 4:49 PM

The results of a new national poll reveal 53 percent of Americans take one of three positions opposing all or virtually all abortions.

The National Right to Life Committee commissioned a nationwide survey from the Polling Company, a firm that conducted a survey February 28-March 3 with 1,000 respondents and a 3.1% margin of error.

The poll found 47 percent of Americans identify themselves as pro-life while 49 percent say they “pro-choice” on abortions. But when respondents are asked to identify exactly where they stand on abortion, using a list of six different positions, those two labels are shown as not representative of where Americans really stand on abortion.

Most Americans oppose abortion for most reasons, the Polling Company survey found:

Abortion should be prohibited in all circumstances: 11%
Abortion should be legal only to save the life of the mother: 14%
Abortion should be legal only to save the life of the mother, or in cases of rape or incest: 28%

Abortion should be legal for any reason but not after the first three months of pregnancy: 20%
Abortion should be legal for any reason but not after the first 6 months of pregnancy:
Abortion should be legal for any reason at any time during a woman’s pregnancy: 12%

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CNN Poll: Majority of Americans Want Abortions Prohibited
by Steven Ertelt | Washington, DC | | 8/24/12 4:44 PM

CNN has released the results of a new poll showing a majority of Americans want all or most abortions prohibited — a clear pro-life majority. The survey asked: “Do you think abortion should be legal under any circumstances, legal under only certain circumstances, or illegal in all circumstances?” Some 62 percent want abortions illegal in all cases or legal only in certain instances while just 35% want abortions legal for any reason ...

May 23, 2012

"Pro-Choice" Americans at Record-Low 41%
Americans now tilt "pro-life" by nine-point margin, 50% to 41%

by Lydia Saad

PRINCETON, NJ -- The 41% of Americans who now identify themselves as "pro-choice" is down from 47% last July and is one percentage point below the previous record low in Gallup trends, recorded in May 2009. Fifty percent now call themselves "pro-life," one point shy of the record high, also from May 2009.

Abortion, Affairs, Polygamy, Cloning, Suicide on List of Morally Wrong Behaviours
Gallup Poll conducted via telephone interviews with 1,003 American adults, from May 10 to May 13, 2007.

NEW YORK, June 5, 2007 ( - A large majority of adults in the United States believe four specific behaviours are unprincipled, according to a poll by Gallup released by USA Today. 91 per cent of respondents believe married men and women having an affair is morally wrong, while 90 per cent feel the same way about polygamy.

Cloning humans is next on the list of perceived immoral behaviours with 86 per cent, followed by suicide with 78 per cent, cloning animals with 59 per cent, and abortion with 51 per cent (with 40% finding it acceptable).

Conversely, more than 60 per cent of respondents think the death penalty, divorce, "medical research using stem cells obtained from human embryos" and gambling are morally acceptable.

Pre-marital sex is thought to be acceptable by 59% and wrong by 38%. Having a baby outside of marriage is seen as wrong by 42% but acceptable by 54%.

Acceptability of doctor-assisted suicide was found at 49% with 44% believing it wrong. The study also found that Americans are nearly evenly split on acceptability of "homosexual relations" with a slight majority (49%) believing such relationships wrong and 47% suggesting the behaviour as acceptable.

The survey was conducted via telephone interviews with 1,003 American adults, from May 10 to May 13, 2007. The margin of error is 3 per cent.

Respondents were asked, "Next, I'm going to read you a list of issues. Regardless of whether or not you think it should be legal, for each one, please tell me whether you personally believe that in general it is morally acceptable or morally wrong."

(with files from Angus Reid Global Monitor)



Polls Find 63% Americans back Abortion Restrictions and 51% Back Same-Sex “Marriage” Ban
By Peter J. Smith

UNITED STATES, January 26, 2007 ( – Two recent polls taken in January indicate that a majority of Americans are in favour of restrictions on abortion and for banning same-sex “marriage”, reports Angus Reid Global Monitor.

According to a poll by CBS News, 63% believe there should be restrictions on abortion, while 31% believe it should be permitted in all cases. The poll interviewed 1,168 American adults and has a 3% margin of error.

Of those in favour of greater restrictions, 30% believe abortion should be permitted only in cases such as rape, incest and to save the woman’s life, 12% say just to save a woman’s life, and 5% say not at all.

A poll of 1,005 American adults by the Associated Press and Ipsos-Public Affairs show that 51% of Americans are in favour of a law banning gay “marriage” and requiring that marriage should be between a man and a woman. 45% said they were opposed to such a law, with 4% refusing to answer or not sure.