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Sex Ed Curriculum Reviews

  OSPI Curriculum Reviews  

Reviews by Southwest Washington Education (K-12):

Family Life And Sexual Health (FLASH) Curriculum Review

From the FLASH program:

FLASH lessons prepare students to:

  • Successfully navigate puberty
  • Abstain from sex
  • Use condoms and birth control when they do have sex
  • Confirm consent before engaging in sexual activity
  • Report sexual abuse and assault
  • Communicate with their family about sexual health and dating
  • Make decisions that minimize risk to their sexual health
  • Seek medical care in order to take care of their reproductive health

FLASH is based on the Theory of Planned Behavior. Lessons include a variety of strategies designed to create positive attitudes, beliefs and norms and to build skills in order to reduce rates of pregnancy, STDs and sexual violence. See additional details below.

FLASH includes a strong family-involvement component in order to further increase protective factors that support students in remaining abstinent, using birth control and condoms, and respecting other's decisions not to have sex.

FLASH supports and respects diverse community values through its inclusive design, its use of the Values Question Protocol, and through the design of the Family Homework, which encourages discussion about values with family members


Gender Identity Curriculum Review
Review of gender issues and curriculum in Washington State and elsewhere.

KNOW HIV/STD Prevention Curriculum Review

From the KNOW Program:


KNOW Curriculum

The KNOW Curriculum is the HIV/STD prevention curriculum developed by OSPI at the direction of the legislature.

Districts have two options for meeting legislative requirements for providing annual HIV prevention instruction to students in grades 5-12.

  1. Adopt and use KNOW, the state's model HIV/STD Prevention Curriculum developed by OSPI.
  2. Deliver a district-developed or existing curriculum/materials that have been reviewed for medical accuracy by the WA Department of Health (DOH) Office on HIV/AIDS.

KNOW Curriculum - View, print or download:

  • Grades 5–6 (PDF, 96 pages, revised 2014)
  • Grades 7–8 (PDF, 100 pages, revised 2014)
  • Grades 5-6, Spanish (PDF, 97 pages, revised 2014)
  • Grades 7-8, Spanish (PDF, 102 pages, revised 2014)
  • High School - NOTE: The High School version of KNOW requires significant revisions in order to meet state medical accuracy requirements. While OSPI is in the process of making revisions, it is recommended that schools use HIV prevention lessons from another curriculum that has been reviewed and is in compliance with AIDS Omnibus Act requirements. Districts wishing to continue using HS KNOW should contact Laurie Dils ( for more information.