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Requiring Ultrasounds
Before Abortion

Ultrasound Laws Protect Women's Health, Stop Abortions, Provide Window to the Womb

by Mailee Smith
June 23, 2010 Note: Mailee Smith is an attorney for Americans United for Life, a pro-life legal group that focuses on national and state legislative matters. This opinion column is a response to Stopping Abortion: A Different Take on Legislation Promoting Ultrasounds, written by pro-life NIFLA attorney Tom Glessner.

State ultrasound laws are critical tools in ensuring that women are protected from the harms inherent in abortion. Additionally, research and real-life experience have shown that a woman who undergoes and views an ultrasound before an abortion is less likely to follow through with the abortion.

In recent years, pro-life advocates have enjoyed tremendous success at the state level in facilitating and encouraging the adoption of ultrasound requirements. Nineteen states have already enacted ultrasound requirements, and nearly a dozen states have considered ultrasound-related measures in 2010.

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Friday June 18, 2010

Michigan Bill Demands Abortionists Give Women Best Ultrasound Images

By Peter J. Smith

Updated: 06/18/10, 6:22pm EST

LANSING, Michigan, June 18, 2010 ( – The Michigan Senate Judiciary Committee is considering a measure to tighten up the state’s informed consent laws. The bill would mandate that mothers seeking an abortion receive high quality images of their unborn babies from the best ultrasound equipment available at the abortion facility.

Under Michigan’s 2006 informed consent law, abortionists are required to give an ultrasound examination to a mother seeking an abortion, and must give her the option to view the live ultrasound screen and to receive a material picture of the unborn baby prior to the performance of an abortion.

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