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Common Sense Sex Ed Initiative I-1109 (2021)

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Read more about this needed initiative to restore parental control over school sex ed curricula:

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Resolution to Restore Common Sense Sex Ed
Adopted by the Clark County Republican Party, July 18, 2020

Whereas Parents love their children and want them to be safe and develop into successful adults and,
Whereas the Clark County Republican Party advocates for local control and governance closest to the people, and
Whereas OSPI’s own recent survey of 10,000 people demonstrated that people DO know what Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) is and they REJECT having it taught to their children, and
Whereas Planned Parenthood and the United Nations are among the most aggressive promoters of CSE, and
Whereas the Clark County Republican Party has previously gone on record to pass a Resolution to Oppose Mandatory Comprehensive Sexuality Education and Support Local Control,
Therefore Be it Resolved that the Clark County Republican Party endorses Initiative 1109 for Common Sense Sex Ed and encourages citizens to sign the petition and to gather signatures for the success of this critical effort on behalf of Washington State’s children.


Another possible sex ed initiative attempt:

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