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Biden to Teachers: “They’re Not Somebody Else’s Children, They’re Yours When You’re in the Classroom”
Gateway Pundit, Apr 27, 2022

Joe and Jill Biden on Wednesday hosted the Council of Chief State School Officers’ 2022 National and State Teachers of the Year in the East Room of the White House. As usual, Joe Biden’s speech was full of gaffes as he struggled to read his teleprompter.  At one point Biden called his Secretary of Education, Miguel Cardona, “Senator Cardona.” Then Biden told the room of teachers that the children they are teaching are “not somebody else’s children.” Biden just blurted it out and said the quiet part out loud. “They’re not somebody else’s children. They’re yours when you’re in the classroom,” Biden said.

Protection of Pupil Rights Amendment (PPRA)

The  (PPRA) is a federal statute originally enacted in 1978 that provides parents with important rights regarding surveys performed by schools. Such surveys may be overly intrusive and personal or may collect information for purposes other than those represented.

Choice Media, On Twitter @ChoiceMediatv
A non-profit education news service chronicling what's happening every day in our nation's schools.

Leftist Activist Organizes “Sex Ed Summer Camps” for 8-10 Year Olds In Indiana
Will Teach “Using Condoms on All Insertables” and “Explore Sensations to Discover What Feels Good”

Gateway Pundit, Mar 8 2022

North Carolina dad goes viral for anti-CRT school board speech: 'Parents are taking back the wheel'
YouTube, Feb 14, 2022

Social-Emotional Learning: K–12 Education as New Age Nanny State
Pioneer Institute, Mar 11, 2019, YouTube video

The Mis-Education of America
Fox Nation, 1/18/22

500 School Districts Publicly Declare Only Woke Teachers Need Apply
The Federalist, Jan 10, 2022

EPIC: 427,000 Parents Respond to National School Board Association Labeling Them 'Domestic Terrorists'
PJ Media, Oct 5, 2021

Washington public school officials lower academic standards as they implement Critical Race Theory
Washington Policy Center, Sep 21, 2021

Woke Teacher Shows How She Sneaks CRT Into The Classroom
Dinesh D'Souza, September 6, 2021

Leftist Teachers On TikTok Show Why Our Education System Has FAILED
Ben Shapiro, Facebook, Aug 23, 2021

Mom Burns School Board Down With a Flamethrower Speech - the Audience Reaction Is Everything

Facebook, Aug 15, 2021

Derrick Wilburn, Colorado Springs District 49 School Board meeting
YouTube, Aug 12, 2021
Black American speaks in opposition Critical Race Theory being used in schools

Utah Teacher Makes Astounding Political Threats in Class

Rumble, August 17, 2021

School district says Lehi teacher no longer employed after comments to students

Fox News,  Aug 17, 2021

The Great Parent Revolt, Aug 12th, 2021 

As overreach in classrooms by progressive school administrators, nonprofits and the federal government has reached new heights, parents are stepping up to fight back.  Moms for Liberty, Informed Parents of California, EdFirstNC, NJ Parental Rights, No Left Turn in Education and Parents Against Critical Theory are just a few of the hundreds of new parent groups that have emerged across the country in recent months. Many parents have become education activists because of schools’ failure to bring children back into the classroom or their continued imposition of mask mandates. 

Oregon: Lower academic expectations for minority students in name of 'equity'
August 11, 2021

Last month, Democratic Gov. Kate Brown quietly signed a bill suspending high school graduation proficiency standards in reading, writing, and math.

Oregon's high school graduation rate is on the rise. But maybe not for the right reasons.
The onset of the coronavirus pandemic prompted state guidelines that essentially mandated a no-fail policy for high school seniors whose course work became remote during the latter half of the 2020 school year. Now, state graduation rates will likely remain artificially inflated, thanks to a new law that will allow Oregon students to get their diplomas without proving proficiency in core academic skills.


Aug 2021

Washington Homeschool Organization Declaration of Intent Document

Declaration of Intent One of the most important documents needed to get started homeschooling is the Declaration of Intent to Homeschool.  Filing your Declaration of Intent is necessary to let the public school know that you are planning to homeschool your child and is not truant.

NEA Sues Mom for Asking Questions about Curriculum

In Defense of Liberty Blog, Aug 5, 2021

The National Education Association (NEA)—the nation’s largest public sector teachers’ union with a budget of over $300 million—has sued a Rhode Island mom for asking what her daughter would be taught in kindergarten. With the help of the Goldwater Institute, Rhode Island mom Nicole Solas is fighting back.

“This brazen and unprecedented act of intimidation by the NEA will not stand,” said Jon Riches, Director of National Litigation at the Goldwater Institute, who is representing Solas. “Nicole Solas is entitled to know what her daughter’s school is teaching in the classroom. She’s entitled to ask questions. And she does not deserve to face legal action just for asking questions any concerned parent would ask.”


Outrageous! Here’s a Look at the Shocking White Privilege, Gender Equity Lesson Plans Used To Indoctrinate Your Kids

GWP, June 28, 2021

Parents may not be able to vet or opt out of the social justice, ideologically skewed educational regimen being taught nationwide in K-12 classrooms. But thousands of lesson plans designed to instill students with a gender-fluid, racist, anti-American ideology are available for review at,  a site allowing teachers to sell and share educational programs.

July 2021

The Hillsdale 1776 Curriculum: American History and Civics Lessons for K-12 Classrooms
Hillsdale College

America is an exceptionally good country

The first question is, why study civics? As the classical authors teach us, living under laws is natural for human beings. After all, we can think in different ways than other creatures, and we can talk. Whatever we can think, we can say. That makes a natural closeness among us, and the political community is an expression of that closeness. For that reason alone, civics is one of those subjects that the educated person must know.

The second reason is that politics is important. Great harm is done by bad laws, and great good by good laws. We are citizens. We have an obligation to our fellow citizens and an interest for ourselves to make the laws as good as they can be.



Masking Children
Child Protection League, July 2021

Child Protection League recognizes that COVID 19 is a real and highly transmissible virus. It has been 18 months since the first cases of COVID19 were diagnosed in the United States and our families and children have experienced great suffering. Yet, like everyone else, we thought by now reliable data would have been collected, analyzed, and reviewed by our top medical professionals and organizations
so that coherent and logical health policies could be developed moving forward.


Graphic Content Warning: Crowd Gasps as Fed-Up Parents Read School's Pornographic Books Out Loud at Board Meeting
Western Journal, July 30, 2021

If there’s one good thing that came out of school closures, it’s that parents finally had a window into what their kids were being exposed to in the classroom — and many were horrified by what they saw.
That’s exactly what happened in Carmel, Indiana, where parents learned the full scope of the perversion being peddled to their children.
The school libraries there are filled with storybooks pushing radical transgender ideology, lessons on masturbation for middle schoolers, and novels with explicit sexual scenes including one describing a bloody rape.



Critical Theory & Critical Pedagogy Part I of III: The Pedagogy of Discomfort
Native Liberty, Apr 2, 2021

Very insightful YouTube Video.


More school districts refuse to teach a person’s race determines if they are guilty or innocent, more or less capable
Washington Policy Center, Jul 27, 2021

Parents across Washington state are worried teachers will soon teach their children Critical Race Theory (CRT). Parents know CRT is incorrect and hateful, and they are worried teachers will be teaching CRT ideas as truth and established fact.  Parents are raising these concerns to their school boards because in April the legislature passed SB 5044, mandating that public school staff receive training in CRT. Onlookers in the media dismiss parent concerns, saying SB 5044 does not require training of CRT content because CRT is not explicitly mentioned in the bill. These onlookers are naÔve and misinformed. The words that are in the bill, “cultural competency, diversity, equity, inclusion and anti-racism,” are all understood to mean Critical Race Theory as applied to public education. Fortunately, a number of districts are taking steps to protect their staff and students from its harmful content.

July 2021

Regarding Critical Race Theory being used in school policies and procedures:

RCW 49.60.400

Discrimination, preferential treatment prohibited.

(1) The state shall not discriminate against, or grant preferential treatment to, any individual or group on the basis of race, sex, color, ethnicity, or national origin in the operation of public employment, public education, or public contracting.

Christopher Rufo: At least 25 public school districts in 12 states are now teaching "Not My Idea," a book that claims "whiteness" is the devil, luring children with the promise of "stolen land [and] stolen riches." July 8, 2021

YouTube: "YOU'RE DONE!" Screams Pennsbury School Board to Parents Opposed to Critical Race Theory, Jun 28, 2021

Commentary: Chehalis School District Passes Resolution Against Teaching Critical Race Theory Indoctrination
The Chronicle, July 8, 2021

Commentary by Liv Finne / Washington Policy Center
The elected board of the Chehalis School District has responded to the concerns of parents and passed a resolution banning the teaching of controversial Critical Race Theory in public school classrooms.
The new policy, passed June 15, provides that schools will not teach that some students are inherently good and others are inherently bad based on their outward appearance.  Further, district officials declared that political ideology has no place in public schools and that teachers will educate students, not tell them what to think or what opinions to hold.


June 2021

YouTube: "A Message From the Gay Community" Performed by SFGMC,

The "We'll convert your children" song by the San Francisco Gay Men's Choir.


June 2021

Amazing school board address by a child ...

June 2021

Distributed At Tacoma's Stewart Middle School:

Apparently, by mistake



Critical Race Theory Opponents Win Board Elections at Nation’s Top High School
Candidates opposed woke curriculum and eliminating merit-based admissions tests
Washington Free Beacon, June 11, 2021

A group of anti-critical race theory candidates this week won seats on the governing body of the nation’s top high school after campaigning against the school’s racially driven admissions practices.
As part of the district’s push for diversity and inclusion, Fairfax County Public Schools scrapped the admissions test for Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology in October, and two months later, adopted a quota system to boost black and Hispanic enrollment numbers. A slate of four candidates opposed to the school’s recent embrace of "equity" won seats on Thomas Jefferson’s Parent Teacher Student Association.


Award winning teacher quits $52,000 New Jersey private school over its 'racialist thinking' and teaching of critical race theory that 'forces students to adopt the status of privilege or victimhood'
Daily Mail,  8 June 2021

An English teacher at a $52,000-a-year private school in Englewood, New Jersey has quit her job over critical race theory lessons she has branded racist. 
Dana Stangel-Plowe, who taught at the Dwight-Englewood School in Bergen County, accused the school of creating a 'hostile culture of conformity and fear' in her resignation letter on Tuesday. 
Stangel-Plowe said Head of School Rodney De Jarnett told the entire faculty that he would fire everyone if he could to replace them with people of color. She also accused the school of segregating teachers by their skin color - and said students were also made to segregate themselves 'within the oppressor or oppressed group.' 

Mom in Carmel NY fights back against teaching critical race theory as board tries to tone police her
YouTube, Jun 3, 2021

One of the best speeches made by a parent to a school board.


Opinion: State superintendent document says top priority for spending federal COVID money will be Critical Race Theory-type programs, not student learning
Clark Co Today, May 26, 2021

Last week I reported that the State Superintendent had proposed a list of favored bureaucratic projects, like “equity and anti-racist training,” “inclusionary practices,” “trauma-informed practices,” and “social and emotional learning” – all aspects of controversial Critical Race Training sessions – to be funded by federal COVID funds (ESSER I, II and III) meant for special needs children.  Parents of special needs children objected and said the money should be used for recovery and compensatory services to help students, as the federal government intended.

See also Washington Policy Center

The Child Soldiers of Portland
Public schools are training children to become race-conscious revolutionaries.
Christopher F. Rufo, Spring 2021

There are only a few places on earth where radicals and their children ritualistically burn the American flag and chant “Death to America”: Tehran, Baghdad, Beirut, Kabul, Ramallah—and Portland, Oregon.

The City of Portland, a cloud-covered metro on the south bank of the Columbia River, has become known for its political protesters. Anarchists, Communists, ecofascists, and various other agitators regularly denounce the police, politicians of both parties, and America itself, and flag-burning has become part of the protesters’ liturgy. Last summer, protesters associated with Antifa upped the ante with chants of “Death to America” and participated in months of violent protests to avenge the death of George Floyd while he was in police custody in Minneapolis ...

CAUGHT ON TAPE: Teacher, fired after refusing to 'indoctrinate' students, records principal's STUNNING admission
BLAZETV, The Rubin Report, April 30, 2021

On "The Rubin Report" this week, BlazeTV host Dave Rubin spoke with Paul Rossi, a math teacher at Grace Church School in New York City who "was relieved of his teaching duties" after he blew the whistle on the private school's critical race theory-based curriculum. Rossi made his case in an open letter titled, "I Refuse to Stand By While My Students Are Indoctrinated," which was published by former New York Times opinion editor Bari Weiss.

Teacher Exposes Online Teaching Tool BrainPOP Pushing Leftist Ideologies On Children
Gateway Pundit
April 29, 2021

The Louisiana teacher appeared before the school board members at St. Tammany Parish to present how the app talks about racism. The first played video from the app said, “Racism in our society: a built-in system of bias that makes life easier for white people and more difficult for black people and other people of color. It puts them at greater risk for poverty, unemployment, and disease. Structural racism is a factor in some disturbing trends. Black people are nearly six times more likely than whites to be imprisoned, and black men are killed by police more than twice the rate of white men.”

7th grade Seattle area students assigned sexually explicit 'white privilege' slam poem to 'read and analyze'
AMERICAN NEWS, Apr 28, 2021

The parents of a seventh grade student at Issaquah Middle School in Washington state were shocked after learning the reason behind why their child failed to complete a Language Arts assignment and posted about the volatile incident to a Facebook group on Tuesday.

Seattle Area School Assigns Anti-White Poem to Students
April 28, 2021

From the Informed Parents of Washington… click here to see their original post. A Seattle area MIDDLE school in Issaquah, Washington, assigned their students to read and discuss a vile racist poem by someone named Joe Limer. Issaquah is a very affluent suburb sharing a border with Redmond, the home of Microsoft, and has a large Asian population. Issaquah is also the international headquarters for Costco. Read through these lyrics and then watch the video of the whole poem. What would YOU do if your children brought this assignment home? Did I mention this is from a MIDDLE school assignment? (Be aware, some vile lyrics)

Apr 2021

Black Lives Matter At School

Curriculum​ - Lesson plans, classroom resources for all ages  We are grateful for all of the contributions from educators and organizers from around the country who worked collaboratively to curate a variety of classroom resources for every age group. These resources are all free of charge and meant to be shared and used. The goal of these lessons and activities is to challenge racism and oppression and providing students with the vocabulary and tools needed to take action. 

Apr 2021

WHOSE SIDE ARE THEY ON? Finding Out What Your Local School Board Candidates Really Believe
iVoterGuide on choosing the right school board members.


June 2020

Camas White Fragility Training

Below, Camas School District offers a class to their employees called Understanding White Fragility:

From Swanson, Kari L.

Sent on behalf of Wendy Wick and Chrissie Woodruff

Hello Camas Staff,

Here is information about a PD opportunity presented by Camas teachers, Wendy Wick and Chrissie Woodruff. The maximum number of participants is 15. Register through pdEnroller.

Camas School District has White Fragility books available for check out. If you would like one, please contact Kari Swanson.

Please contact Wendy Wick or Chrissie Woodruff with any questions. Thank you!

VAI1529 Understanding White Fragility: An exploration based on the work of Robin DiAngelo


Monday June 29 2020 10:00 AM 12:00 PM

Monday July 6 2020 10:00 AM 12:00 PM

Monday July 13 2020 10:00 AM 12:00 PM  Cached

Additional Information:

Here's a supporting article on white fragility: Everything you need to know about white fragility -

White people are racists because they are white – Tucker Rips “Poisonous Garbage” White Fragility

Robin DiAngelo on “White Fragility” on PBS

Ben Shapiro: 7 Reasons Why "White Fragility" is the Worst Book Ever

Ben Shapiro Destroys the Concept of White Privilege

Contact information in case you are concerned -

 Emails to the school board in case you're motivated to address -.


June 2020

Published August 26, 2009 Last Update May 16, 2015

U.N. Report Advocates Teaching Masturbation to 5-Year-Olds
By Joseph Abrams, Fox News

NEW YORK – The United Nations is recommending that children as young as five receive mandatory sexual education that would teach even pre-kindergarteners about masturbation and topics like gender violence.  More ...

May 2020

Vancouver resident Julia Dawn Seaver talks about the petition to repeal SB 5395, the bill requiring Comprehensive Sexual Education to be taught in all K-12 public schools

Editor’s note: Opinions expressed in this letter to the editor are those of the author alone and do not reflect the editorial position of 

“Why are you against sex ed?” one mom asked, holding her young daughter’s hand.    “Why don’t you want kids to know about their bodies?”   Julia Dawn Seaver “We’re not against sex ed. We’re against this,” I replied, handing her a flyer with an excerpt from an OSPI sanctioned kindergarten lesson:  “So a person with a vulva has three holes between their legs with a very sensitive area at the top called the clitoris.”  

... To understand what CSE is and where the influence comes from, look at those pushing for it: Planned Parenthood, who called SB 5395 “our bill;” The International Planned Parenthood Federation, who says, “ Our approach includes an emphasis on sexual expression, sexual fulfillment and pleasure, shifting away from focusing on the reproductive aspects of adolescent sexuality”;  The World Health Organization, whose standards call for teaching masturbation to children under four; SIECUS, whose latest newsletter proclaimed “May is Masturbation Month” and proudly announced a portion of purchase proceeds from their three new corporate partners (all sex toy companies) would go to support their goal of “sex ed for social change.” 

More ...

May 2020

WHO: Under-4s Should Learn About ‘Early Childhood Masturbation’, ‘Explore Gender Identities’

The Christian Institute has slammed World Health Organization (WHO) sexuality education guidance recommending that children under four should receive information about masturbation and their “right to explore gender identities”. The WHO Regional Office for Europe and Federal Centre for Health Education (BZgA) document, titled ‘Standards for Sexuality Education in Europe’, contains a “Sexuality education matrix” recommending that, among other thing, children aged 0-4 should be given information about “enjoyment and pleasure when touching one’s own body, early childhood masturbation” and “the right to explore gender identities”.  More ....

Feb 2020

I was a sex educator trained by Planned Parenthood; here is what I taught your kids
by Monica Cline
September 05, 2019

As a former Title X training manager and sex educator for 10 years, I got a close-up view into the world of Planned Parenthood and sex education.

On one hand, Title X is a program that serves women and families by helping them access family planning medical services. On the other hand, it’s also the perfect vehicle for Planned Parenthood to promote social change by utilizing its well-meaning prevention education to proselytize youth toward sexual promiscuity and abortion. It’s the perfect business plan for a lifelong customer, and it's being backed by trusted government programs for Title X and HIV prevention.  More ...

Jan 2020

Report for Sexual Health Education Work Group Public Comment Survey - 2019

PDF File Of Survey Here

This survey is not a one-time rejection. It is a pattern. Since 2016, parents in many districts have been objecting to latest learning requirements from OSPI. Some schools have chosen not to teach anything about sexuality/relationships to avoid the community disapproval. In the 2019 legislative session, a mandatory K-12 Sex Education bill was proposed. It was tabled until this year because approximately 5,000 citizens in two different hearings objected. Then in the budget, a study of the effectiveness of CSE was commissioned. The Health Impact study declared that there was no evidence that CSE education would reduce teen pregnancies or sexually transmitted infections. The next step was to hand pick a committee from across the state to show support for CSE that would help pass the mandatory sex ed in the upcoming session. This committee did a survey, sent to the members of the researched CSE study and the members of the committee. Planned Parenthood paid for Facebook ads targeted at youth and school families. However, 58% said, “NO” to CSE. But it didn’t stop there. Currently, OSPI and a team of selected public-school employees are writing a curriculum to facilitate the mandated K-12 requirement for CSE.


Jan 2020

New Published Study on Comprehensive Sex Education

Peer-Reviewed Published Study
Ericksen, Irene H., and Weed, Stan E. (2019). "Re-Examining the Evidence for School-based Comprehensive Sex Education: A Global Research Review." Issues in Law and Medicine, 34(2):161-182.

Results. Worldwide, six out of 103 school-based CSE studies (U.S. and non-U.S. combined) showed main effects on a key protective indicator, sustained at least 12 months post-program, excluding programs that also had negative effects. Sixteen studies found harmful CSE impacts. Looking just at the U.S., of the 60 school-based CSE studies, three found sustained main effects on a key protective indicator (excluding programs with negative effects) and seven studies found harmful impact. For the 17 AE studies in the U.S., seven showed sustained protective main effects and one study showed harmful effects.

Conclusions. Some of the strongest, most current school-based CSE studies worldwide show very little evidence of real program effectiveness. In the U.S., the evidence, though limited, appeared somewhat better for abstinence education.

See more here ...

Feb 2019

Sex Ed Curriculum Reviews
by Southwest Washington Education (K-12)

Family Life And Sexual Health (FLASH) Curriculum Review

From the FLASH Sex Ed program:

FLASH lessons prepare students to:

  • Successfully navigate puberty
  • Abstain from sex
  • Use condoms and birth control when they do have sex
  • Confirm consent before engaging in sexual activity
  • Report sexual abuse and assault
  • Communicate with their family about sexual health and dating
  • Make decisions that minimize risk to their sexual health
  • Seek medical care in order to take care of their reproductive health

FLASH is based on the Theory of Planned Behavior. Lessons include a variety of strategies designed to create positive attitudes, beliefs and norms and to build skills in order to reduce rates of pregnancy, STDs and sexual violence. See additional details below.

FLASH includes a strong family-involvement component in order to further increase protective factors that support students in remaining abstinent, using birth control and condoms, and respecting other's decisions not to have sex.

FLASH supports and respects diverse community values through its inclusive design, its use of the Values Question Protocol, and through the design of the Family Homework, which encourages discussion about values with family members


Gender Identity Curriculum Review
Review of gender issues and curriculum in Washington State and elsewhere.


KNOW HIV/STD Prevention Curriculum Review

From the KNOW HIV/STD Program:

KNOW Curriculum

The KNOW Curriculum is the HIV/STD prevention curriculum developed by OSPI at the direction of the legislature.

Districts have two options for meeting legislative requirements for providing annual HIV prevention instruction to students in grades 5-12.

  1. Adopt and use KNOW, the state's model HIV/STD Prevention Curriculum developed by OSPI.
  2. Deliver a district-developed or existing curriculum/materials that have been reviewed for medical accuracy by the WA Department of Health (DOH) Office on HIV/AIDS.

KNOW Curriculum - View, print or download:

  • Grades 5–6 (PDF, 96 pages, revised 2014)
  • Grades 7–8 (PDF, 100 pages, revised 2014)
  • Grades 5-6, Spanish (PDF, 97 pages, revised 2014)
  • Grades 7-8, Spanish (PDF, 102 pages, revised 2014)
  • High School - NOTE: The High School version of KNOW requires significant revisions in order to meet state medical accuracy requirements. While OSPI is in the process of making revisions, it is recommended that schools use HIV prevention lessons from another curriculum that has been reviewed and is in compliance with AIDS Omnibus Act requirements. Districts wishing to continue using HS KNOW should contact Laurie Dils ( for more information.


Feb 2019

Teen-Teen Aid: The Alternative Project (TA)
Teen Aid is a Washington State not-for profit organization started in 1981 for the specific purpose of teaching life skills to reduce premarital sexual activity using risk avoidance education. Today, Teen-Aid has expanded its service to provide programs to enhance relationships, strengthen marriage and parenting and assist in helping with employment skills and launching a business to provide for the family.  Teen Aid offers alternative sex education curricula for those opting out of their local public school's program.

Teen Aid TA Power Point Presentation (Download)

LifePac Sex Ed Alternatives Page

Dec 2018

700 Parents Show Up to School Board Meeting to Demand School Stop Pushing Sex on Their Kids
There’s been something of an awakening happening in California recently. While the state’s faith community led the charge in shutting down the latest attempt to curb the free speech and religious rights of certain counselors and ministries, concerned parents are standing against the implementation of sex education curricula in the state that introduces children, as young as 11, to sexually explicit content. The California legislature passed AB 329 in 2015, changing state law related to sexual health education to include LGBT issues, and sexual practices as part of statewide curriculum for K-12 graders in the state. The bill included a provision allowing parents to pull their child/children from their school’s sexual education class. Parents are taking advantage of this provision now and asking their school boards to implement policies that help them do just that.  More ...

Sept 2018
The War on Children: The Comprehensive Sexuality Education Agenda, 10 min


Aug 2018

Camas Educators: Let's Talk About Sex
Camas/Washougal Post Record

See Online article here

See print article here

July 2018

Battle Ground presses pause on new health curriculum
Clark County Today

Opponents had spoken out against some of the content in the FLASH program selected by the school board

BATTLE GROUND — UPDATE 7/11/18 — Per Rita Sanders with Battle Ground School District, these are the elements of the FLASH curriculum that the board was set to consider adopting:

1. Introduction
2. Reproductive System
3. Pregnancy
6. Healthy Relationships
7. Coercion and Consent (including coercion and consent handout)
10. Birth Control Methods (including fact sheets)
11. Preventing HIV and Other STDs
12. Condoms to Prevent Pregnancy, HIV and Other STDs
13. Testing for HIV & Other STDs

That means the lessons on Sexual Orientation & Gender Identity, as well as Unwinding Gender Stereotypes, would not have been part of the Battle Ground FLASH program. The district believes those topics, along with abstinence education and online safety, are already adequately addressed in existing curriculum. As previously mentioned, the district will re-examine other curriculum options over the Fall, and take more public feedback, in order to select a new health curriculum that complies with state law.

See more ...

Sept 2016

Donald Trump Says He Will Be ‘Biggest Cheerleader for School Choice’

By DR. SUSAN BERRY, 8 Sep 2016

Republican nominee Donald Trump says that, if elected president, he will make school choice the center of his education plan and will use $20 billion to establish a block grant to fund school choice for children living in low-income areas.

Public schools are “our government-run monopoly” that has “trapped millions of African-American and Hispanic youth in failing government schools that deny them the opportunity to join the ladder of American success,” Trump said in a speech at the Cleveland Arts and Social Sciences Academy on Thursday.

He will be “the nation’s biggest cheerleader for school choice,” Trump said, adding that he supports merit pay for teachers “so that we reward great teachers – instead of the failed tenure system that rewards bad teachers and punishes good ones.”

Trump said:

I want every single inner city child in America who is today trapped in a failing school to have the freedom – the civil right – to attend the school of their choice. This includes private schools, traditional public schools, magnet schools and charter schools which must be included in any definition of school choice.

Our government spends more than enough money to easily pay for this initiative – with billions left over. It’s simply a matter of putting students first, not the education bureaucracy.

More ...

More ...

June 2016

Washington Schools to Teach Gender Identity Curriculum in Kindergarten

By Family Policy Institute of Washington

Kindergarten used to be a place for children to learn how to add, subtract, and read.  Next year, Washington school children as young as five years old will instead be learning about gender fluidity and the differences between gender and sexual identity.

The newly-minted health and physical education standards, released by the Washington Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI), will be implemented in schools across the state for the 2017-2018 school year.

As reported by The Daily Caller, the new standards require students to learn about gender identity and expression beginning in kindergarten.

  • Beginning in Kindergarten, students will be taught about the many ways to express gender.  Gender expression education will include information about the manifestations of traits that are typically associated with one gender. Crossdressing is one form of gender expression.
  • Third graders will be introduced to the concept of gender identity.  These children will be taught that they can choose their own gender.
  • Fourth graders will be expected to “define sexual orientation,” which refers to whether a person identifies as heterosexual, homosexual, or bisexual; they’ll also be taught about HIV prevention.  Children in fourth grade will be told that they can choose their sexual orientation.
  • Fourth and fifth graders will learn about the relativity of gender roles and why such roles are social constructs that are not inherent to who we are as male or female human beings.
  • Seventh graders will be expected to “distinguish between biological sex, gender identity, gender expression, and sexual orientation.”
  • High school students will critically “evaluate how culture, media, society, and other people influence our perceptions of gender roles, sexuality, relationships, and sexual orientation.”

More ....


Nov 2015

Local School Board to Vote on Transgender Policy
 by Joseph Backholm
Yesterday, I got a phone call from a friend in Colville, WA. She had recently learned that the Colville School Board was quietly pushing through a transgender bathroom policy that would prohibit schools from requiring students to use the bathroom corresponding to their biological gender.

While the public has been essentially unaware, it is scheduled for a vote tonight (Wednesday, November 18th). If you aren't familiar with Washington State, Colville is in northeastern Washington. Geographically and politically, it is a long way from Seattle.  The area hasn't sent a Democrat to the Washington State legislature in generations.

So how is it that their school board is about to enact a policy that the community is strongly opposed to? Because in policy, the winners are the ones who show up ...

July 2015

High School Implants IUDs in Teen Girls Without Their Parents’ Knowledge or Consent

Over the years some high schools have tried to ban things like soda. And yet they are going in another direction. That schools are having questionable sex education programs and on-campus clinics isn’t enough anymore.

One high school in Seattle is now implanting intrauterine devices (IUD), as well as other forms of birth control. The IUD is known as a long acting reversible contraception, and may even act as an abortifacient. So, a young teen in Seattle can’t get a coke at her high school, but she can have a device implanted into her uterus, which can unknowingly kill her unborn child. Or, if she uses another method, she can increase her chances of health risks for herself, especially if using a new method. Birth control has even been the tragic cause of death for some young women.

The high school, Chief Sealth International, a public school, began offering the devices in 2010, made possible by a Medicaid program known as Take Charge and a non-profit, Neighborcare.

More ...


Dec 2014

Homeschool and the Battle for our Children
By Faith and Freedom Foundation

A recent custody battle in Kansas exposed the bias of the progressive left against homeschooling. It isn't surprising, but it is very concerning.

More than 2 million children have now been removed from government or public education as more and more parents opt to educate their own children and remove them from the current failing environment of public education.

And for good reason.

The attack on the notion of parents educating their children at home is escalating. And it's two pronged.

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Nov 2014

(KOIN-TV) Students as young as 11 from across the state have been attending a sex conference held in Seaside, Oregon, for the past 20 years.

Taxpayers’ money is used to fund the program, which is meant to promote safe sex and prevent teen pregnancy. However, a KOIN 6 Investigation uncovered that there’s a good chance the parents who signed permission slips in order for their children to attend have no clue what is really being taught behind closed doors.

Part of the lesson plan at a workshop at the Oregon Adolescent Sexuality Conference is an adult website called Virtual Fem. In addition to the content from that website, numerous handouts, such as one that encourages cyber and phone sex, have been passed out to high school and middle school students in attendance. 

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Oct 2014

Satanists handing out religious literature at schools
World Net Daily

The Satanic Temple of New York City has been granted permission to pass out its literature to students in public schools in the Orlando, Florida, area after district officials declined to prohibit distribution of religious materials.

So will there now be a huge new interest among students in the pentagram, the goats-head emblem and devilish rituals?

Maybe not, according to one columnist.

The South Florida Sun-Sentinel’s Daniel Vasquez wrote Tuesday that while Satanists may be allowed to give out their material to students, it’s an entirely different question whether they will pay attention to it.

Vasquez explained that students are busy enough that they likely will reserve little time for the handouts.

“But don’t tell that to the Florida Satanists. Or to our homegrown atheists or Bible-thumpers for that matter. All are descending upon Orlando-area schools demanding the right to hand out religious materials to school children,” he wrote.

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Aug 2014

Oregon district halts condom giveaway to 6th graders amid community uproar


GERVAIS, Ore. – Unhappy parents have forced an Oregon school board to re-think its plan to begin handing out condoms to students – sixth-graders on up – when school starts up again this fall.

During a May meeting, school board members approved a plan in which trained teachers (presumably health teachers) would hand out prophylactics after first having “a discussion with the student,” reports. Some of those students could have been as young as 11 years old.

But when parents and community members caught wind of the “condoms-upon-request” plan, they flooded a June board meeting to express their displeasure.

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July 2014

Is Planned Parenthood's 'Torture Sex' Advice Making Its Way Into the Classroom?


In the latest installment of "SexEd: Planned Parenthood's Dangerous Sex Advice for Kids," an Oregon Planned Parenthood counselor is shown telling a 15-year-old girl, who's under the legal age of consent, to watch porn, go to a sex shop, and experiment with bondage and hitting with her boyfriend.

Live Action released its fourth undercover video last week, with others soon to follow, that shows a Planned Parenthood counselor and nurse giving BDSM (bondage and discipline/dominance and submission/sadism and masochism) or "torture sex" advice to a girl whom she believes is only 15.

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March 2014

"It's Perfectly Normal" Textbook is Not Normal--It's Pornographic
By Gary Randall, Faith and Freedom

Russ has a child at Covington Middle School in Evergreen School District in Vancouver, Washington.

This week he became aware that the textbook, "It's Perfectly Normal," is available to his middle school daughter.

He is angry.

And he should be.

The textbook has been around for about 20 years, but each school year parents often become aware of it for the first time. 

Public schools use it---or have it available.

Planned Parenthood promotes and places it.

Most school libraries have it.

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Jan. 2014

Kansas Middle School: Poster Listing Sex Acts Part of 'Health and Science' Curriculum

Nov. 2013

School joins Planned Parenthood to destroy award-winning teacher

WASHINGTON, November 8, 2013 — Bill Diss is an experienced, highly qualified and popular computer science teacher. On November 14, the Portland school district and Planned Parenthood will try to have him declared unfit to teach. Diss is the only teacher in Oregon to earn the distinction of being credentialed to teach computer science for college credit at the high school level. Diss is a highly qualified high school educator who has been teaching for more than a decade at a desperate public school that almost closed in 2010 — a school that serves a population which is 75 percent minority. SEE RELATED: RONDEAU: Christians have the moral & political right to be Christians Diss earned special recognitions for his work with at-risk black students and for helping to stop gang violence in Portland parks. But, because he refused to allow Planned Parenthood into his classroom, school administrators branded him “unfit to teach” and intend to end his career with Portland Public Schools on November 14.

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Mar. 2013

Court stuns educators with approval of vouchers
Program lets parents decide where children will attend class
by Alyssa Farah

In a landmark victory for school choice, the Colorado Court of Appeals surprised educators in the state by affirming the constitutionality of a Douglas County voucher program that allocates money for students who attend “private school partners” rather than government-run schools.

The voucher program came under attack when the organization Taxpayers for Public Education sued the Douglas County School District. The suit challenged the constitutionality of state funding for a program that gave money to parents for their children’s attendance at private religious schools.

In defense of school choice, Alliance Defending Freedom attorneys and Colorado Springs attorney Stuart Lark filed a friend-of-the-court brief on behalf of the Association of Christian Schools International, the Catholic Diocese of Colorado Springs, Shepherd of the Hills Christian School, Southeast Christian School and Valor Christian High School.

Condoms for free at 22 city schools
The district is installing dispensers over winter break at high schools with the highest rates of STDs.

Condom dispensers are going into 22 city high schools. The protection is free to students, except those whose parents signed opt-out forms.
By Kristen A. Graham, Inquirer Staff Writer
Posted: Sunday, December 23, 2012, 6:40 AM

Coming over the holiday break to about a third of Philadelphia high schools: clear plastic dispensers chock-full of free condoms.

The dispensers will be placed in the 22 high schools whose students had the highest rates of sexually transmitted diseases, and condoms will be available to any student - so long as their parents did not sign a form opting them out of the program ...

October 2012

Homosexual Promotion Poster At Pacific Middle School, Vancouver
In the Evergreen School District

Sept 2012

From Precious Children of Portland

Portland "Teen Outreach Program" Material Handed Out By Planned Parenthood in Schools (PDF) And Signs Promising Cash For Participation (JPG)


The Intolerance of Inclusive Education
by Everyday For Life Canada, Sept 19, 2012

There are recent Toronto media reports that "land mines are being planted" in our schools. It's all coming from "extremist parents" also referred to as Christian conservatives. The same article says it's "a weird cabal consisting of extreme religionists and troubled people is attempting to subvert our public school system". To defend parental rights in Ontario, has become a "sinister plot".
You will certainly be surprised when we tell who these paranoid and dangerous people the articles describe really area: they are ordinary Christian parents who want to have a say in the moral education of their children. But in Ontario, and in most of Canada, it seems this may no longer be possible. The whole issue has been all over the media this week because Dr. Steve Tourloukis, a dentist, who happens to be a practicing Greek Orthodox and living in Hamilton wants to direct his children's education when it comes to marriage, family and human sexuality. Is this really so radical? This parent, after trying unsuccessfully for a year and a half to work with his children's teachers and school board officials, is now suing the Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board. Why? Because they have repeatedly refused his request to exempt his children from classes that contradict his religious tenets. According to the school board, this kind of accommodation is not allowed with equity and inclusive education because it would discriminate against some students ...

July 2012

GLSEN kicked out of elementary school classrooms
Bob Kellogg - OneNewsNow - 7/5/2012

Alliance Defense Fund (ADF) has issued a legal memo in support of an Illinois school district that recently elected to discontinue using pro-homosexual materials in its elementary schools.

Attorney Jeremy Tedesco says the Erie Community Unit School District voted 5-2 to stop using pro-homosexual curricula from the Gay, Lesbian, Straight Education Network (GLSEN) after several parents voiced concerns about the content of "Ready, Set, Respect!" 

The "toolkit," according to CitizenLink, encourages teachers to invite students as young as kindergarten age to "draw pictures of favorite TV or storybook characters and dress them in clothes that are different … from what they would typically wear," such as "Cinderella in a knight's armor" or "Spiderman wearing a magic tiara." It also suggests that teachers incorporate examples of homosexual relationships into classroom activities, such as writing math problems to include "a variety of family structures and gender-expressions." Parents felt the material raised issues of religious freedom and parental rights.   Read More ...

June 22, 2012
School Board for Rejects Same Sex Marriage

National Organization for Marriage

Erie, Illinois is a small, rural town of 1,600 residents in western Illinois, just across the border from davenport, Iowa...not exactly where you'd expect to find a national controversy brewing over pro-gay marriage school curriculum.  It all started when concerned parents in Erie, Illinois got word of plans for a new curriculum (even in a MATH class!) teaching their children as young as 4 years old about same-sex marriage and cross-dressing.

Listening to the parents' concerns, the Erie school board voted 5-2 to reject the curriculum introduced by the Gay, Straight, Lesbian Education Network (GLSEN).

But it didn't end GLSEN has launched a national campaign to pressure the Erie school board into imposing its "Ready, Set, Respect!" curriculum over the objection of parents and taxpayers.

June 2012

Onalaska, WA School Uses Planned Parenthood Curriculum to Teach Kids Oral Sex

by Rita Diller | Olympia, WA | | 6/20/12 4:19 PM

Parents could tell something was wrong with the children when they came home from school. They were quiet and withdrawn, embarrassed, and didn’t want to talk about what had happened. When Curtis and Jean Pannkuk began questioning their young daughter, they discovered that her elementary school principal had instructed her that day in how to perform oral and anal sex. The traumatizing instruction was delivered as a part of state approved sex education that was orchestrated, developed, pushed, and policed by Planned Parenthood, NARAL Pro-Choice Washington, SIECUS, and a host of other agencies.

April 2012


'Another reason for conscientious parents to flee government school system'


Majority Democrats on a California state legislative committee have decided to kill a plan that would have cracked down on intimate relationships between school teachers and their students, prompting a pro-family organization to warn that it is just another reason for parents to pull their children from the government education industry. Assembly Bill 1861 would have made it a felony if any teacher or employee of a public or private school “engages in a sexual relationship or inappropriate communications with a pupil.”


April 2012

Homosexuality In Your Child's School: FRC Publication

Feb 2012
CDC Warns Untreatable Gonorrhea is On the Way

A new strain of gonorrhea is resistant to one of the last known effective treatments

February 13, 2012

Gonorrhea, one of the most common sexually transmitted diseases in the United States, is increasingly showing resistance to one of the last known effective antibiotic treatments, leading researchers from the Centers for Disease Control to "sound the alarm" about potentially untreatable forms of the disease.

"During the past three years, the wily gonococcus has become less susceptible to our last line of antimicrobial defense, threatening our ability to cure gonorrhea," Gail Bolan, director of the CDC's sexually transmitted disease prevention program, wrote in The New England Journal of Medicine last week. More ...

New sex-ed standards released

By Kimberly Hefling, Associated Press

Published: Monday, Jan. 9, 2012 11:53 p.m. MST

WASHINGTON — Young elementary school students should use the proper names for body parts and, by the end of fifth grade, know that sexual orientation is "the romantic attraction of an individual to someone of the same gender or a different gender," according to new sexual education guidelines released Monday by a coalition of health and education groups.

The nonbinding recommendations to states and school districts seek to encourage age-appropriate discussions about sex, bullying and healthy relationships — starting with a foundation even before second grade.

By presenting minimum standards that schools can use to formulate school curriculums for each age level, the groups hope that schools can build a sequential foundation that in the long term will better help teens as they grow into adults.

Experts say schools across America are inconsistent in how they address such sensitive topics.

Despite awareness of bullying, for example, Debra Hauser, president of Advocates for Youth, one of the groups involved with creating the standards, said some schools don't address it — or at least not in relation to sexual orientation or gender identity, which is where she said a lot of the bullying occurs.  "They should tackle it head on," Hauser said ... More ...

Gay Agenda Highjacks Bullying Crisis
By Marybeth Hicks, November 2, 2011 

If there’s one thing virtually everyone can agree on, it’s that bullying is bad.

In fact, a recent survey commissioned by, a caregiver referral company, revealed that bullying is the No. 1 concern of parents of school-aged children — even more so than the fear of kidnapping.

We’re all more aware of, and alarmed by, the social aggression, cruelty, and violence that confront too many of our children and teens. And that’s no surprise. If you’ve ever watched a son or daughter struggle to cope with the inexplicably mean behavior of his or her peers, you know why this is such an emotionally charged issue.


Cross-dressing teacher fills in at Wy'east Middle School

Snickering students removed from class

Recommended New York sex ed site offers middleschoolers tips on eating feces, bestiality, fetishes


WARNING: very explicit content.

NEW YORK, October 24, 2011 ( - The recommended curriculum for a mandatory sex education course to be implemented in New York middle and high schools next year directs students to a website that details “safe sex” practices regarding bestiality, coprophagia, and other extreme sexual fetishes.

The New York Post reported on Saturday that assignments in a workbook recommended by city education officials included giving middle schoolers “risk cards” to rate the safety of such activities as anal sex, oral sex, and “intercourse using a condom and an oil-based lubricant.”

Obama Admin Relents, Posts Pro-Abstinence Education Study After Complaints

by Steven Ertelt Editor
August 24, 2010

Washington, DC ( -- The Obama administration relented on Monday in the face of public pressure and national news highlighting how the Health and Human Services Department refused to make public a new study showing the effectiveness of abstinence education programs.

The Administration for Children and Families (ACF), a division of HHS, funded a survey of 1,000 adolescents 12-18 years-old in order to measure parent-adolescent communication and adolescent attitudes toward sex and abstinence.

The study found parents strongly support the concept that sexual relations are best saved for a marital relationship and parents' attitudes are more important in influencing adolescent views than the level of parent communication with their adolescent.

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Find Study Here

August 13, 2010

Gay Activists Use Federal Summit to Push for Homosexuality Teaching in Elementary Schools
Posted by Candi Cushman

As the U.S Department of Education hosted its first national summit on bullying prevention this week – gay activist groups rallied together to try to use the event to further their agenda in public schools.

The Human Rights Campaign (HRC), the nation’s largest homosexual-advocacy group, called on the federal government to “endorse and provide funds” for homosexual-themed elementary school curriculum. Specifically, HRC wants the federal Justice, Education and Health and Human Services Departments to promote Welcoming Schools – a controversial curriculum developed by HRC and has piloted in several public school districts.

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Graphic Sex Ed Class Under Fire

By Todd Starnes
Published June 22, 2010

Parents are outraged after young teenagers were instructed on graphic sexual acts during a Planned Parenthood sex education class at the local high school in Shenandoah, Iowa.

“It was horribly inappropriate,” Colleen Dostal told Fox News Radio. “To do that in a mixed-gender classroom, — I truly believe it was inappropriate.”

Dostal’s 14-year-old son was one of a handful of eighth graders in the class. The students, she said, were given instruction on how to perform female exams and the instructor used a 3-D, anatomically correct male sex organ to explain how to use a condom.

But Dostal said she was most upset over the instructor simulating sexual acts using stuffed animals designed to resemble STD’s.

“I do not understand why any adult with a classroom of children would show them sexual positions,” she told Fox News Radio. “I think that’s horribly inappropriate.”

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Words of Mahatma Gandhi on Contraception

"I want to revert to the subject of birth control by contraceptives. It is dinned into one's ears that the gratification of the sex urge is a solemn obligation like the obligation of discharging debts lawfully incurred, and that not to do so would involve the penalty of intellectual decay. This sex urge has been isolated from the desire for progeny, and it is said by the protagonists of the use of contraceptives that the conception is an accident to be prevented except when the parties desire to have children. I venture to suggest that this is a most dangerous doctrine to preach anywhere; much more so in a country like India, where the middle-class male population has become imbecile through abuse of the creative function. If satisfaction of the sex urge is a duty, then unnatural vice and several other ways of gratification would be commendable. The reader should know that even persons of note have been known to approve of what is commonly known as sexual perversion. He may be shocked at the statement. But if it somehow or other gains the stamp of respectability, it will be the rage amongst boys and girls to satisfy their urge among the members of their own sex. For me, the use of contraceptives is not far removed from the means to which persons have hitherto resorted for the gratification of their sexual desire with the results that very few know. I know what havoc secret vice has played among schoolboys and schoolgirls. The introduction of contraceptives under the name of science and the imprimatur of known leaders of society has intensified the complication and made the task of the reformers who work for purity of social life wellnigh impossible for the moment. I betray no confidence when I inform the reader, that there are unmarried girls of impressionable age, studying in schools and colleges, who study birth control literature and magazines with avidity, and even possess contraceptives. It is impossible to confine their use to married women. Marriage loses its sanctity when its purpose and highest use is conceived to be the satisfaction of the animal passion without contemplating the natural result of such satisfaction."

Argentine Catholic Bishops Blast National Sex-Ed Program
By Matthew Cullinan Hoffman

BUENOS AIRES, June 20, 2008 ( - Argentina's Episcopal Committee for Catholic Education has denounced the nation's new national sexual education program for teaching that gender is a social construct, promoting contraception and ignoring abstinence, neglecting the ethical and moral dimensions of sexuality, and circumventing parental authority.

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Bush urges vouchers for Catholic schools

WASHINGTON (Apr. 25, 2008) — President Bush sees two major problems with inner-city education: Children trapped in low-performing public schools can't afford to go anywhere else, and religious schools are closing because they lack students.

Bush wants to address both problems by offering low-income parents federal aid to send their children to religious and other private schools he says provide academic hope.

At a White House Summit on Thursday called Inner-City Children and Faith-Based Schools, he renewed his call for spending $300 million on "Pell Grants for Kids," a voucher program fashioned after the popular federal Pell subsidies available to college students.

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Condom Battle of the First Ladies - Laura Bush vs Uganda's Janet Museveni
Kenyan first lady said "the condom … is causing the spread of AIDS in this country"
Editorial By John-Henry Westen

WASHINGTON, December 13, 2007 ( -  In what came as a shock to some, US First Lady Laura Bush promoted condom use "every time" in the pages of the Washington Post on December 1st.  Writing on World AIDS Day Bush urged: "Practice safe sex," and advocated the "correct and consistent use of condoms" which she said, "means not just occasionally, but every time."

Of note, Mrs. Bush suggested her approach was following the example of "our African counterparts".  She wrote: "Let's take a cue from our African counterparts and follow the ABC method of prevention: Abstinence, Be Faithful, and the Correct and Consistent Use of Condoms."

The ABC method gained fame first and foremost in Uganda where the advance of AIDS was stopped in its tracks with a focus on abstinence and fidelity, with condoms as a very distant last resort - but more on that later.

So, Mrs. Bush's exact African counterpart would be in this instance Ugandan First Lady Janet Museveni.   And that is where this story becomes really interesting.

Rather than taking a cue from her African counterpart as Mrs. Bush suggests in her Washington Post piece, the US First Lady has, by advocating condom use, taken the exact opposite stance to Mrs. Museveni.

In her message for World AIDS Day last year, the Ugandan First Lady also spoke of condom use, but from a completely different perspective.  "I would not be caught advising you to take any shortcuts or compromise your lives by using any device invented by man, such as condoms, in order to facilitate any desire to go against God's clear plan for your life," Mrs. Museveni told students at the Uganda Christian University, Mukono.   "God's plan for your life is that you should honour your body because it is His temple."

Full article at:

Homosexodus! Students flee forced 'gay' agenda
California parents start reacting to new 'education' requirements
December 4, 2007
By Bob Unruh
© 2007

Parents in California have started reacting to the state's newly mandated homosexual indoctrination program by pulling their children out of classes, and state Superintendent of Public Instruction Jack O'Connell is warning districts they'll lose money if that happens.

A spokeswoman for a ministry called Considering Homeschooling said she already has seen an overwhelming increase in requests for information about homeschooling.

As a result, spokeswoman Denise Kanter told WND that her group is sending out 5,000 DVD packages to churches around the state that include basic "how-to" information to provide parents a direction to turn when they choose to protect their children from the new school agenda.

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Middle school cancels “gender-switch” day after parents object

.- A Bay Area Middle School has canceled a scheduled cross-dressing or “gender-switch” day after parents complained, according to an Oct. 30 Pacific Justice Institute news release. The Sacramento-based institute is a legal organization that defends parental rights, religious freedom, and other civil liberties.

Adams Middle School in Brentwood encouraged students to cross-dress – boys wearing girls clothing, girls wearing boys’ clothing – on the last day of “Spirit Week,” Friday, Nov. 2. Parents were given little notice of the event, said the Pacific Justice Institute, and only found out about it after flyers were posted at the school.

A parent of a seventh-grader met with the principal, Adam Clark, to voice her concerns about the event, and was told that it would go ahead as planned. Clark told the parent she could keep her son home if he did not want to be part of the event. The parent contacted Pacific Justice Institute, which told her she needed to enlist other parents to contact the school with their concerns. The Institute itself prepared to intervene, if necessary.

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Same-sex video is pulled in Evesham
The school board acted after parents complained about "That's a Family."

By Troy Graham
Aug. 31, 2007
Inquirer Staff Writer
The Evesham school board last night voted 7-1 to stop showing third graders a controversial educational video that includes depictions of families headed by same-sex couples.

The vote came after a committee of scholars and educators, appointed by the board to review the issue, recommended keeping the video in the curriculum, but showing it to fourth graders, instead of to third graders, as had been done.

But after a number of board members spoke against the film, the board did away with the video, called That's a Family, altogether.

The half-hour video shows children explaining their various family structures, including those with mixed-race couples and divorced, single and adoptive parents.

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“Comprehensive” Sex Education is Ineffective: Abstinence Works, Major National Study Shows
By Elizabeth O’Brien

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah, June 13, 2007 ( - A major report on teen sex education, released by Dr. Stan Weed of the Institute for Research and Evaluation in Salt Lake City, shows why abstinence is the most successful method of preventing physical and emotional complications resulting from pre-marital sexual activity. His research is based on the results of many studies that have followed the education and behavior of over 400,000 adolescents in 30 different states for 15 years (see 

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Washington State School Choice Status Report
Full history at:

  • Public school choice: Intradistrict and interdistrict/mandatory
  • State constitution: Blaine amendment
  • Charter school law: No
  • Publicly funded private school choice: No
  • Home-school law: High regulation


New Hampshire Middle School Children Take Field Trip to Planned Parenthood Abortuary?
By John Jalsevac

MANCHESTER, New Hampshire, June 11, 2007 ( – Approximately 20 Jr. High students were seen entering Manchester’s Planned Parenthood building during school hours on a weekday, according to New Hampshire Right to Life. According to witnesses the event, which occurred last Wednesday, had all the appearance of being an official school field trip.

“I understand that 20 or so Jr. High students from Park Side and South Side Schools were escorted through a group of pro-life witnesses,” said NH Right to Life President Darlene Pawlik. “They were inside half hour or longer….there was one male chaperone with ‘Staff’ on his shirt and one or two female adults.”

The students visited the Planned Parenthood on Penacook St., which is an active abortion clinic.

Full story at:


From Positive Christian Agenda ...
Washington State Comprehensive Sex Ed
June 2007

Explanation of opposition to now passed legislative bill ESSB 5297 mandating "medically and scientifically accurate sexual health education in schools" by Dr. Sharon Quick, Washington State Coordinator, American Academy of Medical Ethics.  More ...

Could This Happen In Washington State?
Bill Funds 20 New Elementary School Health Clinics Offering Condoms and Birth Control for Students
Would also provide abortion referrals without parental notification or consent
By Peter J. Smith

SPRINGFIELD, Illinois, May 23, 2007 ( – Condoms and contraception for elementary students are among the services of 20 new school proposed health clinics in a bill under consideration by Illinois’ House of Representatives.

SB 715 passed 32-22 by the state Senate faces a second reading in the House, which if approved would go to the governor for signing.

While the state’s Administrative Code specifically allows the current 48 school-based clinics in Illinois to offer "family planning" by "prescribing, dispensing, or referring for birth control," the Illinois Family Institute reports SB 715 intends to introduce the programs to elementary school students, who would also receive condoms and birth control along with band aids, ice, and routine medicinal care.

Under SB 715, $5 million would be used to create 20 new school health centers, which could then dispense birth control and condoms to students, and then provide abortion referrals without parental notification or consent.

Full article at:

Homosexuality In Your Child's School
A free four megabyte download from the Family Research Council.

Calif. students pay price for refusing to observe pro-homosexual 'Day of Silence'
Allie Martin
May 15, 2007

Dozens of students at three Sacramento, California, area public schools were suspended when they took a stand against a pro-homosexual event -- the "Day of Silence," which was observed nationwide late last month.
In the Sacramento area, an estimated 3,000 to 4,000 students chose to stay home instead of being confronted with the pro-homosexual message on the Day of Silence. But nearly 50 students who did attend school that day wore clothing and distributed literature highlighting the dangers of homosexuality. Some of these students were sent home, some were suspended, and others were given "Saturday school."

Read more:


Study: 83% Of Parents Say Its Important For Their Child To Save Sex Till Marriage

WASHINGTON, DC, May 8, 2007 ( - A Zogby poll released today shows that parents are far more likely to favour abstinence education over so-called 'comprehensive' sex education which focuses on proper use of contraceptives. 

See the Zogby poll results online here.  Notice how support for comprehensive sex ed is decreases from beginning to end of questionnaire:


Evergreen opens way for prayer
Tuesday, May 01, 2007
BY HOWARD BUCK Columbain staff writer

Evergreen Public Schools will allow a small group of students to resume a prayer circle inside the Heritage High School commons before class each morning.

The action comes after delicate talks and threat of legal action.

The circle might begin meeting as early as today in a quiet area of the school's main corridor, prior to the 7:20 a.m. opening bell.

District officials and several students in the group reached a truce of sorts Friday.

Evergreen agreed to purge all record of student suspensions stemming from a confrontation on March 2. The district also will allow group prayer so long as it stays low-key and doesn't block traffic in the busy main corridor of the 2,400-student school.

"They've been given specific guidelines and they've agreed to abide by those," said Carol Fenstermacher, district spokeswoman.

Full story at:
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Students in prayer flap have records cleaned
Friday, April 27, 2007
BY HOWARD BUCK Columbain staff writer

Eleven Heritage High School students briefly suspended in March for defying orders to stop praying in the school commons will have their discipline records wiped clean. Today, five of them and a Vancouver attorney will press to resume their daily, before-school group prayer in an area known as "The Den." Evergreen Public Schools officials will meet with the five students and ≠local attorney Darren C. Walker at 3 p.m., hoping to reach a compromise. Included will be Heritage High ≠Principal Ann Sosky, Evergreen district Assistant Superintendent Bill Bentley and Jerry Piland, who oversees student discipline grievances for the district. "We're going to sit down and develop some guidelines for the future so that everyone's happy," Piland said. "It's a question of how and when this can be done."

Full story at:
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“Day of Silence” Articulates Condemnation of Biblical Values
By Martha Kleder

This Wednesday, April 18, homosexual students and their supporters will refuse to participate in class, remaining silent in protest over the treatment of "sexual minorities." Along with its disruptive nature in the classroom, the day also sends clear messages to Christian students that Biblical views of human sexuality are "homophobic," "hateful" and "discriminatory."

Matt Barber, Concerned Women for America's (CWA) Policy Director for Cultural Issues says the "Day of Silence" is the creation of homosexual activist groups hoping to instill a victim mentality among today's youth.

Full story at:

La Center High School to offer sex-ed curriculum online
Sunday, April 01, 2007

ISOLDE RAFTERY Columbian staff writer

For years, La Center High School students have heard one thing about sex: Don't do it.

"Not that we don't mention that there is such a thing as birth control," said Dave Holmes, the high school principal. "But there are a million ways to teach anything, and we are a very conservative community and have a conservative board."

But times are changing in La Center, a quiet town off the interstate best known for its row of cardrooms. When the school board started asking students and teachers about their views and wants, they got an earful from the high school's leadership class.

Among the requests -- which included getting a money management class and pushing the Washington state history course online -- was the suggestion for more comprehensive sexual health education.

Full Story at:
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School prayer incident leads to suspensions, recriminations
Friday, March 02, 2007
By HOWARD BUCK, Columbian Staff Writer

A dust-up over group prayers in the Heritage High School commons before the start of school triggered the suspension of a dozen students on Friday.

It also quickly threatened to fan up into a broader skirmish in the culture war.

By day’s end, “pagans,” “Satanists” and religious freedom were words in play, and a Florida-based group affiliated with Jerry Falwell had announced it would defend the students.

A top Evergreen Public Schools administrator downplayed the incident but confirmed that 12 pupils were disciplined after they ignored a faculty order to stop meeting for prayer in the commons area at the 2,200-student high school near Orchards, one of Clark County’s largest schools.

A praying student ordered to detention on Friday said two group co-leaders received 10-day suspensions, while eight others were given three-day suspensions. They had been warned on Thursday not to meet again in the commons, she said.

Bill Bentley, an Evergreen assistant superintendent who oversees Heritage, said pupils were warned days ago that their informal morning prayer sessions were blocking traffic in the crowded commons. Other students complained to school faculty about the prayers, he said.

Heritage administrators offered use of a classroom to the group, per written district policy that allows religious or other student clubs to use school facilities during non-school hours, with limited supervision.

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12 students suspended for praying at school
It is absolutely outrageous that the school allowed one Satanist student to exercise a heckler’s veto over the other students’ speech
Doug Huntington
Monday 5 March 2007, by
The Senior Editor

A dozen students attending Heritage High School in Vancouver, Wash., located on the state’s southern border, were suspended on Friday for praying at school.

Ten in the group were suspended for ten days while two received one-day, in-school suspensions for holding a morning prayer meeting. The group has now sought out legal assistance.

“This situation underscores the ignorance of school officials regarding the constitutional rights of students," said Liberty Counsel President Anita L. Staver in a statement. Liberty Counsel is a nonprofit litigation, education and policy organization dedicated to advancing religious freedom.

According to the group’s statement, the affected students had met together a few weeks ago to initiate a school prayer club. They were refused by the school’s vice principal, Alex Otoupal, who explained that they could not meet in a private room.

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Liberty Counsel



Twelve Students Receive 10-Day Suspension for Praying Before School

Vancouver, WA - Today twelve high school students at Heritage High School were suspended for ten days for gathering to pray before school. Liberty Counsel is providing legal assistance to the students who were suspended.

A few weeks ago, the students tried to start a prayer club, but the school's vice principal, Alex Otoupal, would not let them meet in a private room. The students gathered in the cafeteria before school to pray, but a Satanist student went to the school office and complained. As a result, Vice Principal Otoupal told the Christian students they could not pray in the cafeteria but would have to go outside. After the students insisted on praying in the cafeteria because of inclement weather, Otoupal suspended them for ten days.

Anita L. Staver, President of Liberty Counsel, commented: "It is absolutely outrageous that the school allowed one Satanist student to exercise a heckler's veto over the other students' speech. This situation underscores the ignorance of school officials regarding the constitutional rights of students."

Staver concluded: "Most of the students who were suspended are immigrants from Russia. We must show them that America is still the land of the free. School officials must immediately reverse the suspensions."

School Board, Conservatives Clash Over Sex-Ed Curriculum
By Monisha Bansal Staff Writer
February 26, 2007

( - Maryland's education board is expected to decide by Tuesday on whether to allow lessons this spring on "respect for differences in human sexuality." The proposal is being criticized by social conservative groups who oppose presenting homosexuality as "normal" behavior.

Approved by a unanimous vote by the Montgomery County Board of Education in January, the revised curriculum consists of "lessons on respect for differences in human sexuality and a lesson on condom use for Grade 10 students that includes a demonstration video."

The human sexuality curriculum is scheduled for field testing this spring, but Citizens for Responsible Curriculum (CRC) and Parents and Friends of Ex-gays and Gays (PFOX) have filed an appeal to the education board in a bid to stop the lessons from entering the classroom.

In 2005, CRC and PFOX were successful is striking down a similar attempt by Montgomery County Public Schools.

"We're concerned about the inaccuracy of the information, we're concerned about the lack of factual information, we're concerned about the lack of viewpoint neutrality, the bias, [and] the introduction of anal and oral sex without the proper or correct information on the efficacy of condoms being used for those two sex acts," CRC spokeswoman Michelle Turner told Cybercast News Service.

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Teen sex leads to depression, not vice versa
Janice Shaw Crouse
January 31, 2007

Researchers have long recognized that risky behavior and depression are linked for adolescents; prevailing theories assumed that depressed teens turned to drugs and sex for self-medication. Now there is solid evidence that teen girls who experiment with risky behaviors (i.e., sex and drugs) are more vulnerable to depression and that teen boys who engage in binge drinking and heavy marijuana use are prone to depression.
    In an article published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine, five authors from different departments (Psychology, Pediatrics, Maternal and Child Health, Research and Evaluation and Internal Medicine) at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (UNC-CH) explored whether "gender-specific patterns of substance use and sexual behavior precede and predict depression or vice versa." The data for the study came from the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health — well known for the large sample size and longitudinal design that allows temporal ordering among a nationally representative sample of U.S. adolescents. Further, aspects of the findings were replicated in five other studies. The UNC-CH study, though, moved beyond previous ones by considering typical patterns found during adolescence and by examining gender differences.
    The UNC-CH scholars found conclusively that sex and drug behavior predicted an increased likelihood of depression, but depression did not predict behavior. Among girls, both experimental and high-risk behaviors predicted depression. Among boys, only high-risk behavior increased the odds of later depression.
    The message is clear: Teens engaging in risky behavior are at risk for depression. No wonder teen depression is so widespread when 47 percent of high school students reported in 2003 (the number has dropped since then) that during the past month they had had intercourse, 45 percent reporting drinking alcohol and 22 percent reported that they had used marijuana. Almost one-third of the students said that their feelings of sadness and hopelessness had kept them from doing normal activities over the past year.

Sex and consequences

Janice Shaw Crouse
January 10, 2007
On college campuses, counselors are seeing double the number of depression cases and triple the number of suicidal students. The American Psychological Association reported in 2003 that counselors on U.S. college campuses were seeing significant increases of these and other "severe psychological problems." Why are the nation's brightest young adults flooding the student health centers to overflowing? What has changed since the late 1980s to produce such emotional and psychological devastation among the nation's college students?

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School Officials To Investigate Sex Party Reports
UPDATED: 8:24 am EST November 17, 2006

A high school principal in rural northern Carroll County said she would investigate reports of sex parties involving students and possibly recent graduates. Kim Dolch, principal of North Carroll High School, said Wednesday that the school would look into the matter. Det. Sgt. Charles Moore with the state police barracks in Westminster said Thursday that police were not involved in any investigation.

Health and school officials said this week that middle and high school students in Carroll County were participating in sex games that sometimes involved up to 30 people.  Cindy Marucci-Bosley, manager of the Carroll County Family Planning Clinic, said she got wind of the parties from girls who requested emergency contraception. Demand for such contraceptives has skyrocketed this year, particularly among girls from the northern part of the county, she said.  "There are days when seven or so teens come for emergency contraception, and all come from the same high school or middle school," Marucci-Bosley said. "There's a huge number of 16- and 17-year-olds who say they've had 30 or 40 partners."

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Study Shows Abortion Takes Toll on Adolescent Mental Health
“Scientific evidence is now strong and compelling” says researcher

By Peter J. Smith

WASHINGTON, August 18, 2006 ( – Adolescent women experience far graver risks of mental and emotional health problems from abortion than they do by carrying their “unintended pregnancies” to term according to a new US study. The study, published in the Journal of Youth and Adolescents, proves without a doubt that abortion - not the “unintended pregnancy” - causes severe mental health problems in young women.

The research conducted by Dr. Priscilla Coleman, a research psychologist at Bowling Green State University, evaluated adolescent women with "unintended pregnancies" and discovered in her findings that those adolescents who aborted their unintended pregnancies were fives times more likely to seek help for psychological and emotional problems afterwards than those adolescent women who carried their pregnancies  to term. Dr. Coleman also found that adolescents who had abortions were subsequently more than three times more likely to experience trouble sleeping, and nine times more likely to report marijuana use after their abortions.

In the federally funded study, adolescents participated in two series of interviews in 1995 and 1996. Nearly 76 percent of girls who had abortions and 80 percent of girls who gave birth fell between the ages of 15 and 19 during the survey; the remainder being 14 and younger.

In her report, Dr. Coleman stated, "When women feel forced into abortion by others or by life circumstances, negative post-abortion outcomes become more common." She added, "Adolescents are generally much less prepared to assume the responsibility of parenthood and are logically the recipients of pressure to abort."

"The scientific evidence is now strong and compelling," Coleman concluded. "Abortion poses more risks to women than giving birth."

The uniqueness of the Dr. Coleman’s study, however, hinges on her exclusive evaluation of adolescent women with “unintended pregnancies”. Abortion advocates have dismissed previous studies on the detrimental effects of abortion on women’s health, claiming instead that those studies could not prove that the serious psychological harm was done by the unintended pregnancy rather than the subsequent abortion.

Dr. Richard Reardon, a researcher with the Elliot Institute,  has also contributed to more than a dozen studies examining psychological outcomes after abortion, affirmed the importance of the “wantedness” of pregnancies in Dr. Coleman's distinctive study.

"Over the last six years, numerous studies have conclusively linked higher rates of mental illness and behavioral problems associated with abortion compared to childbirth." said Reardon. "But abortion advocates have generally dismissed these findings, insisting that while women who abort may fare worse than women who give birth to planned children, they may fare better than the important subgroup of women who carry unintended pregnancies to term. Coleman's study addresses this argument and shows that the facts don't support abortion advocates' speculations."

According to the Alan Guttmacher Institute, which tracks US abortion statistics, every year nearly a quarter of all abortions are performed on girls less than 20 years old.

The study serves to reinforce the warnings of pro-life advocates about the psychological toll abortion is taking on women worldwide.

In a press release, Family Life International spokesman Brendan Malone warned, “If we don't take urgent action on this issue then we will have to deal with some very serious and costly social and psychological health problems in the coming years.”


UK Schools Handing Out Morning-After Pill to Students of All Ages

By Terry Vanderheyden

NORWICH, GREAT YARMOUTH, UK, August 9, 2006 ( – UK schoolgirls are being handed the morning-after pill in an effort to reduce teen pregnancy rates in a region with one of the highest in Western Europe.

According to a Norwich Evening News report, two schools in Norwich and five in Great Yarmouth have begun distribution of the abortifacients to girls below the age of consent, which is 16 years of age in Great Britain.

The schools' on-site permanent sexual health clinics, which employ so-called family planning workers, are possible because of tax funding through the Norwich Primary Care Trust and are part of a 10-year plan to reduce teen pregnancy rates.

Norfolk teenage pregnancy strategy unit Lead Officer Becky Oliver said the program is available to girls as young as 11. “This confidential service is available to young people in all years at the participating schools and has the full support of the schools management and governing bodies.”

New rules introduced in April this year allow girls as young as 12 to be given the morning-after pill over the counter in pharmacies across the country without the knowledge of their parents. (See coverage:

A 2002 study by University of Nottingham professor Dr. David Paton, a leading expert on teenage fertility, suggested that candid sex education and the availability of the morning after pill actually increase promiscuous sex. The study confirmed the findings of studies conducted in 1999 and 2000 which found that use of family planning information did not lead to a decrease in unwanted pregnancies, and that found that young people who were prescribed the morning-after pill were much more likely to have abortions. (See coverage:

A survey conducted in the 2005 revealed that teenage pregnancy rates are highest in areas that have been most aggressive in promoting sex education. The report revealed that explicit sex education and providing condoms to young girls simply encourages them to become sexually active.

Official figures reveal that teenage pregnancies rose in Britain by an annual rate of 800 from 38,439 in 2001 to 39,286 in 2002, despite the £15 million being spent to counter the situation. The pregnancies led to 17,682 of the children being aborted in 2001.

The number of cases of sexually transmitted diseases has also risen by an alarming 62 percent between 1997's 25,143 cases and 2002's 40,821 cases. (See coverage:


What's behind today's epidemic of teacher-student sex?

.... Get ready for a shock. According to a major 2004 study commissioned by the U.S. Department of Education – the most in-depth investigation to date – nearly 10 percent of U.S. public school students have been targeted with unwanted sexual attention by school employees.  Titled "Educator Sexual Misconduct: A Synthesis of Existing Literature," the report says the mistreatment of students ranges from sexual comments to rape. In fact, says the study's author Charol Shakeshaft, professor of educational administration at Hofstra University in Hempstead, N.Y., the scope of the school-sex problem appears to far exceed the clergy-abuse scandal that has recently rocked the Roman Catholic Church.

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High School Gay Group’s Sexual-Orientation Questionnaire Stirs Parent Backlash

By Terry Vanderheyden

PORT WASHINGTON, Wisconsin, May 17, 2006 ( – A high school student club for homosexuals has raised the ire of parents through a “Heterosexual Questionnaire” that posed such questions as, “If you have never slept with someone of your same gender, then how do you know you wouldn’t prefer it?”

Hundreds of students were asked to write answers to the highly personal questions in what the group claims was part of a national homosexual awareness campaign dubbed the Day of Silence. Two teachers approved distribution of the survey, according to a Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel report.

One parent said the two teachers – social studies teacher Sarah Olson and communications teacher Julie Grudzinski – who allowed the homosexual group to present their surveys as part of classroom discussion should be disciplined. “If somebody doesn’t call them on it, it will continue,” said Lisa Krier.

School board president Patty Ruth and Principal Duane Woelfel both criticized the survey as inappropriate for classroom discussion but had not reached a decision on how or if the pair would be disciplined.

See a copy of the survey:


Savvy Students Outsmart Web Filtering - Wy'east pupil accessed porn sites at school
Friday, March 3, 2006
By HOWARD BUCK, Columbian staff writer

Monday afternoon, just like any other day, 11-year-old Jason Lee of Vancouver telephoned his mother, Molly Lee, at her office when he arrived home from school. He's good about checking in, she said.

But Molly wasn't happy to hear about what he'd seen online in computer class at Wy'east Middle School that day. Even though he quickly added: "You'd be proud of me, I put all my porn in the recycle bin."

The next day, in an empty computer lab at the school, he showed her how easily he'd found the site with a quick Internet search. She was astonished.

"He was on that thing in 30 seconds," Molly Lee said. "I didn't believe it. I was disgusted. Some of the Web sites wouldn't open, but you just go down (a search engine list) and click on one that does, then you can go anywhere. The pictures are worse than you can imagine.

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Dobson Urges Parents to "Rise Up" Against Homosexualization of Children in Schools
Cites California Senate bill mandating homosexualization of all school curricula

by Hilary White

SACRAMENTO, April 21, 2006 ( – Dr. James Dobson, head of Focus on the Family said in his weekly radio broadcast that the California legislature is devoted to a “far, far leftist” ideology. On April 17, Dobson stated, “Some of the bills that come out of (the California) legislature are flat-out off the wall.”

The legislature, Dobson said, is controlled “by those who represent a far leftist philosophy, and the conservatives, mostly Republicans, don’t have the votes to stop it.”

The most recent example he noted was characteristic of the movement to the “extreme” left was the State Senate Judiciary Committee’s approval of a bill mandating the adoption of the homosexual lobby’s doctrines for young children in school curricula.

The bill requires that California public schools teach students in all grades about the “contributions” that homosexuals, bisexuals and transsexuals have made to society. Further the bill requires that schools buy textbooks that highlight these positive contributions. The bill is currently at the committee stage.

In every subject throughout the day, the bill mandates that the homosexual subjects be brought up. Children as young as six and seven will be told that homosexuality, and other alternative sexual “lifestyles” are not only acceptable, but a genuine social demographic with a definable set of heroes.

This move reflects the efforts made by the homosexual movement to identify their sexual habits and temptations as those of another unjustly oppressed minority group and their movement as a legitimate part of the historic civil rights movement. Indeed, the term “sexual minorities” can be found increasingly in official documentation in government at all levels for all curricula.

Dobson states, “In every subject, throughout the day, (the teachers) are going to have to come around to that subject and talk about (the homosexual lifestyle) in positive terms…There are all kinds of moral implications…and yet, we’ve got to tell five year-olds, and six year-olds and seven year-olds that this is a wonderful, positive thing that’s had a great impact on the culture.”

“If it moves on through the Assembly and the Senate, it is going to happen in every public school and in every subject, throughout the State of California. If the parents of children in California put up with that, then they’re farther gone than I think they are.”

The reason the laws of California are moving so far to the left, said Dobson, was that parents are not objecting. “Parents are not rising up to stop it. The Governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger, should be besieged with by complaints and opposition to this ridiculous idea and so should every member of the state legislature.”


Gay alliance can't be denied, B.G. warned

Sunday, January 15, 2006
By MARGARET ELLIS Columbian staff writer

BATTLE GROUND -- If students want one, there's nothing the Battle Ground School Board can do to keep a Gay-Straight Alliance club out of Battle Ground High School.

In an hourlong workshop Jan. 10, Attorney Bill Coats told the board it couldn't refuse a club based on content the board doesn't like.

"If you start treating groups differently based on what they say, you run afoul of the First Amendment," Coats said.

The issue came up before winter break when some students proposed the Gay-Straight Alliance.

The Associated Student Body group is taking input from students and will vote on the club Tuesday. The board said it would wait for that vote before discussing the issue further.

Board member Fred Striker said he feels the board is in a tough spot over the issue. The board can't refuse the club, but "probably close to the majority of the community wouldn't agree" with allowing the club, he said.

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In Our View - No Porn in School
Saturday, February 5, 2005
Columbian editorial writers

Viewing pornography doesn't necessarily make a person a sexual predator or
pedophile. But accessing pornography during the workday when you are a
public schoolteacher represents a lack of judgment so great, we think that
Sen. Don Benton's proposal to treat the behavior with zero tolerance is a
good move.

Benton, R-Vancouver, introduced Senate Bill 5677 this week.
Co-sponsoring the legislation is Seattle Democrat Sen. Jeanne Kohl-Welles.
The two worked together successfully last year on reforms concerning
teachers and coaches with allegations of sexual misconduct or abuse. Their
past legislation has helped ensure that an educator or coach's record
follows him or her when he or she moves to a new district or school.
More ...


Abstinence Education Reduces Out-of-Wedlock Births

Washington, DC, June 1, 2004 ( Making a sexual abstinence pledge leads to a reduction in out-of-wedlock births, according to a report released last week by the Heritage Foundation. Women who promise to save sex until marriage "are about 40 percent less likely to have a child out of wedlock when compared to similar young women who do not make such a pledge," said Heritage Foundation researcher Robert Rector. The report suggests that the results are valid even when other aspects of the women's lives are considered, which leads the Foundation to believe that abstinence-education programs can "reduce teen pregnancy and out-of-wedlock child bearing." The Heritage Foundation based its report on data from the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health, also known as "Add Health," which has been tracking the behavior of 12,000 teens since 1994, surveying them about various aspects of their lives, including whether or not they took "a public or written pledge to remain a virgin until marriage." Most of the teens surveyed have now reached ages 19 to 25. According to the Heritage Foundation report, 29 percent of women who did not make a pledge to save sex for marriage had a child out of wedlock, compared to 14 percent of those who did make such a pledge.


January 29, 2004 (

Parents Overwhelmingly Prefer Their Kids Be Taught Abstinence
New poll also shows moms and dads strongly oppose condom-based sex education

COLORADO SPRINGS, January 29, 2004 ( - The vast majority of American parents want their children's sex education classes to emphasize abstinence until marriage, according to a new poll released today. The survey, conducted by Zogby International for Focus on the Family, also found that parents strongly oppose the values and messages of comprehensive sex education, a training model that assumes teens will become sexually active and, therefore, must be given easy access to condoms.

The survey of 1,008 parents of children under 17 found that sixty-eight percent of parents want schools to teach teens that individuals who remain abstinent until marriage have the best chances of marital stability and happiness. Ninety-one percent want their children to be taught that sex should be linked to the type of love and commitment found in marriage. More than 56 percent said that information about contraception should either not be taught as a subject or taught in a class separate from abstinence, such as a health or biology class.

Dr. Wade Horn, assistant secretary for children and families at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, commented on the findings saying, "It is gratifying to learn that parents agree with the President that the primary message we should give our children when it comes to sexual behavior is abstinence until marriage."

However, a recent Heritage Foundation report found that $4.50 was spent on comprehensive sex education for every $1 spent on abstinence education. Abstinence programs were shunned by the former administration, but have received funding under the Bush administration.

Linda Klepacki, manager of the abstinence department at Focus on the Family said, "This poll illustrates that the people most concerned about the health and emotional well-being of America's children -- their moms and dads -- recognize that abstinence is the only surefire way to protect their kids."

Full poll results can be found at:


January 7, 2004 (

School Sex-Ed Policy to "Promote Abstinence Until Marriage as the Expected Standard"

WAKE COUNTY, NC, January 7, 2004 ( - Wake county school board members voted Tuesday to revise the current sex-education policy there. "Comprehensive" sex-ed electives were dropped from the curriculum of high schools in the district, in favour of a revised "abstinence until marriage" message. The revision is a mandatory requirement for all teachers to "promote abstinence until marriage as the expected standard for all students."

Supporters of the new policy say that the new message is about more than just saying no to sex. It also educates students about sexually transmitted diseases and the "effectiveness and failure rates of contraceptives."

Commenting on the "massive" increase in sexually transmitted diseases and unplanned pregnancies among adolescents in the UK, Dr. Trevor Stammers, a professor in general practice and commentator on sexual health, wrote in the British Medical Journal: "Contraception as the cornerstone of sexual health promotion for adolescents has manifestly failed. In almost 15 years of general practice I have never seen a single case of unplanned pregnancy resulting from ignorance about or unavailability of contraception." He cites studies indicating that "up to 80% of unplanned pregnancies result from failed contraception" and "data from 1975-91 show a positive correlation between increasing rates of use of condoms at first intercourse and higher rates of teenage conceptions." He warns that "oral contraceptives, while providing the greatest protection from unplanned pregnancy, offer no protection against sexually transmitted diseases."

Stammers cites American studies proving that abstinence education works.

The Wake County vote also threw out mandatory education promoting tolerance towards homosexual lifestyles for grade-schoolers from grades six through nine.