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The right to life is the most fundamental of all rights. It is the very basis for every other right we enjoy as persons ...

Candidate assessment color coding uses green (good: agrees with Life PAC's position) in two shades, and red (bad: opposed to Life PAC's position) in two shades.  Lighter shades in assessment codes indicate dated information.  Gray means issue is not assessed or candidate's position is unclear.  Coding applies only to the information presented, and does not indicate support or opposition from Life PAC unless explicitly stated.


A Life PAC recommendation may be given when a pro-life candidate is running against one who is pro-abortion, or the recommended candidate is pro abortion but the least so of all candidates, or the recommended candidate is unknown and running against a known pro abortion candidate. When multiple pro life or unknown candidates are running, Life PAC may not give a recommendation.


General Election is Tuesday, November 4th .  Ballots mailed Wednesday, October 15th.


Comments can be posted on the Life PAC Blog or emailed to vote4life@lifepac.org.


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The Silent Scream

Abortion: The Phoney Solution, An American Holocaust
A Pro-Life Prayer for Our President and Public Officials
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